What Blockchain Can Do for the World : altcoin

Aligning with our vision of making crypto available to the masses, we wanted to take some time to share some of the real-world use cases of blockchain technology, and how it is already changing our lives for the better.

In its most basic sense, blockchain records secure decentralized data that tracks assets in an efficient, traceable, quick, and transparent way. Many industries are turning to blockchain to better their business, cutting costs and improving the quality of their offerings.

Improving Food Product Reliability

Blockchain is revolutionizing the food supply chain. It makes it possible to know exactly where and how your food is grown. Regulators can keep track of important quality details such as listing fruit and vegetables as organic, and preventing fraudulent claims that in the past could have slipped through the cracks during distribution. It also makes it possible for grocers to easily pull the supply from shelves if a known provider discovers problems such as contamination, making it much easier to prevent disasters. Additionally, blockchain allows suppliers to keep track of the supply levels everywhere food is sent to avoid waste… read more


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