$USELESS is now VERIFIED‼️ This means on BSCScan you can find the token with the logo, the social media accounts, and you’ll also be able to see the USD value of your $USELESS bag ☀️ : altcoin

$USELESS is now VERIFIED‼️ This means on BSCScan you can find the token with the logo, the social media accounts, and you’ll also be able to see the USD value of your $USELESS bag ☀️ : altcoin


While getting verified on BSCSCAN might not be knock your socks off and throw all your money at it exciting, but it’s a small step in the right direction for this crypto project.

Let me tell you what is exciting, especially from an ordinary investors viewpoint.

Let’s talk about the app…

‣ Charting

For starters the app will include a super easy to use chart, way better than poocoin and bogged. It will provide compact information on listed tokens, as well as displaying the chart in different time frames.

The information will be pulled directly from the blockchain.

‣ Whale Watching

The app will show the behavior of listed token’s whales.

‣ Profile Management

THIS is what I’m really looking forward to. It will show the overall performance in relation to the purchase price. You will get a clean user interface that allows you to track your investments on the blockchain.

For example, not only will be able to see how many reflections you received, but also what your profit/loss is with each token.

‣ King-Of-The-Hill Ranking System

Think CMC trending… When a token initially applies for listing a smart contract will be created allowing the token’s community to buy $USELESS, send it to the community wallet, and their token will get ranked according to the most support.

Everyone will be able to participate in increasing the visability of their favorite token!

‣ Fall Release

Closed BETA is tentatively scheduled to be realsed to the community end of August.

Why should this excite me?

Basically, $USELESS is doing everything they possibly can to burn this token.

From the merchandise store now accepting BNB Smart Chain so they can buy back and burn the token to the the entire ecosystem being dedicated to creating revenue.

The app will generate their revenue through the ranking system as well as advertisements. We all know projects pay a lot of money for advertising on platforms.

$USELESS is also continually looking into more features and creative ways for people to pay them money so they can light it on fire, figuratively of course.

How will it work?

Simply put the BNB will immediately be funneled into the FURNACE, which is a smart contract that forwardes the BNB towards our liquidity pool to stabilize it, making $USELESS is the first stable LP token on the market.

Read more about the FURNACE here

What’s unique about this is, buybacks are from external BNB NOT recycled BNB. Which means new capital is being put into the market.

Feel safe about the company…

Useless Crypto, LLC is a formed legal entity, which acts as the governing company for this project. The governing company consists of six doxxed community members, who act as legal directors within the entity. They are also key holders to the corporate multi-signature wallet. One audit has also been completed by Solidity Finance.

⚠️ DYOR it’s important…

WEBSITE: www.uselesscrypto.com

DISCORD: https://discord.gg/uselesscrypto


CMC: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/useless/

Want to buy?

Check out the Swapper & dApp below or there’s always Pancake Swap.

UselessSwapper A smart contract where users can directly send BNB Smart Chain from their wallet to the contract address or QR code. The smart contract then buys $USELESS tokens and sends it back to the users wallet. All without the risk of connecting their wallet to PancakeSwap.

dApp To Purchase $USELESS To put it simply, it’s your one stop shop for simple and easy buying of $USELESS tokens


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