2,000,000 KOM : altcoin

Hi, $KOMmunity!

🚀To celebrate the listing of KOM and give back to our global communities, BitMart is giving away a total of 2,000,000 KOM in our KOM Net Buying Competition!

⏱Period: 8/20/2021 8:00 AM – 9/4/2021 8:00 AM EDT

⭐️Rules: Users will be ranked in terms of the total net buying volume (buy-sell) of KOM on their BitMart account during the competition period. The top 50 users with the highest net buying volume will be rewarded with the following prizes:

1st: 280,000 KOM 2nd: 180,000 KOM 3rd: 120,000 KOM 4th-10th: 60,000 KOM each 11th-20th: 40,000 KOM each 21st-50th: 20,000 KOM each

Read here for more info: https://support.bmx.fund/hc/en-us/articles/4405362750107


Website : https://www.kommunitas.net

Docs: https://docs.kommunitas.net

Twitter : https://www.twitter.com/@kommunitas1

Medium : https://medium.com/@Kommunitas

CoinMarketCap : https://www.coinmarketcap.com/currencies/kommunitas

CoinGecko: https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/kommunitas

GitHub: https://github.com/Kommunitas-net

Facebook Group : https://www.facebook.com/groups/214148647378641

FanPage: https://www.facebook.com/kommunitas1/

Instagram: https://instagram.com/kommunitas1

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBG6-Vj5KM-Xe5-PYtmV5Lg

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/kommunitas-net/

TikTok: https://tiktok.com/@kommunitas.net

Email : support@kommunitas.net

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