💲7DAY💲|Best 100x Altcoin| 🔥150k Marketcap🔥 | Ownership Renounced + Liquidity Locked : altcoin

🚀Why 7DAY will 100x🚀

7DAY is truly the first token of its kind. It is the first token that has been able to successfully incorporate a dynamic locking smart contract. The token revolves around encouraging holders to hold for a minimum of 7 days before selling. Those who choose to sell early will result in receiving a 55% tax that our holders will greatly benefit from. All holders that wait until their 7 day timer is over will receive only a 11% tax upon selling. This is a completely original smart contract that contains features that have not been implemented by any other contract.

💰Best Tokenomics💰

**◾️11% Transaction Tax (**4% Redistribution and 7% Added Liquidity)

◾️55% Early Sellers Transaction Tax (20% Redistribution and 35% Added Liquidity)

(The 55% Tax only applies to those who choose to sell early – before their 7 day timer done)

◾️All transactions, both buys and sells, will reset the 7 day timer on your wallet

🚀Dump Resistant🚀

◾️Max Wallet Amount Limited to 5% of the Total Supply

◾️You cannot sell more than half of your current balance at one time

◾️If you own more than 1% this limits your sells to 5 trillion tokens (0.5%)

◾️Developers have to adhere to these same rules!

🤝Trustworthy + Reliable Long Term Token🤝

There have been countless start up tokens. All of which are aimed at a short term pump to make a bit of money. This is NOT what 7DAY is about. This token has $100mil+ market cap potential. Also the team working and communicating with their holders has been outstanding! As always DYOR, and all information about the token can be found on their website or telegram!

Note: Early Sellers, in order to sell you need to do it through their website or poocoin because the slippage must be set at 130%+ to result in a 55% fee. Be sure you are not attempting to sell more than 50% of your balance or over 5 trillion tokens. For more details, they have a section designated on how to sell on their website!

💎Key Info💎

◾️Ownership is Renounced (Proof on website)

◾️Liquidity is Locked for 2+ years (Proof on website)

◾️No one holds more than 5% – no whales

◾️They have an very helpful telegram where the devs are responding 24/7!

◾️Be on the lookout for 7DAY poocoin ads!

Telegram: https://t.me/chat7day

Website: https://7day.io

Twitter: https://twitter.com/7DAY_io

They announced they will be applying for coinmarketcap.com and coingecko.com

Contract Address: 0xaDc8128253aa9C6992a0a0Ac0a16e27173845343

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