The detailed economic model of Pizzap, especially for NFT lovers. Pizzap is a 1st VoiceNFT on Plian Blockchain : altcoin

Pizzap has attracted the attention of artificial intelligence institutions. It integrates nonfungible tokens and decentralized finance in an economic model. The NFT portal of Pizzap, PaiSwap, will be launched this month. PaiSwap is a decentralized exchange deployed on Plian, where users can get Plian data NFT (PNFT) by staking Plian (PI) and support the trading of other digital coins.

Pizzap’s economic system has been published and buyers, creators and investors can fully participate in value creation as well as benefit from content ecosystem construction and asset flow. There are four kinds of tokens to create VoiceNFT and VoiceFi, which have different playing modes:

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  • MNFT — A voice model NFT which is created by voice technicians through voice files after the proposal is successfully initiated by Plian decentralized autonomous organization.

  • VNFT — A voice NFT that can be generated through the NFT market by purchasing the right to use MNFT.

  • PNFT — A ticket for mining MNFT tokens and used also as a medium of exchange on the NFT marketplace. PNFT would be connected with MNFT and formulate a PNFT pool for MNFT. Once MNFT is sold at a higher price, the connected PNFTs will get part of the benefit.

  • MAPI — A DAO coin created on Plian that is used to manage all key indexes of the Pizzap platform and VoiceNFT.

The initial DeFi of Pizzap will be launched on PaiSwap, greatly reducing transaction-related costs while maintaining the popularity of cryptocurrencies by owning all of the most powerful ones. The DEX will adopt the traditional liquidity model and use Pizzap’s own liquidity token, which provides incentives for holders and media governance for decentralization.

Pizzap introduced the inherent MAPI token of the Plian blockchain, which is an NFT based on the ERC-20 standard on Plian. It will range from trading and liquidity returns to decentralized governance and community development. Through MAPI, users can get rewards as long as they hold tokens and redistribute the transaction fees paid by MAPI. Part of these costs will be burned in an inherent deflationary supply to promote the motivation to hold and lend.

When users trade on the DEX, they will be charged a fee worth 10% of the transaction, which is split in two ways:

  • A fee of 5% = 3% of which will be redistributed to all existing holders + 2% of which will be destroyed directly.

  • The other fee of 5% will be added as a liquidity pair on PaiSwap.

The upcoming PaiSwap has lowered the threshold for NFT participation and entered the final stage of testing. Many people in the market are also concerned about how to get involved with NFTs. PNFT is an NFT based on the ERC-721 standard and can be converted into the ERC-1155 standard. In short, users need to obtain PNFT from the DAO community of Plian before minting Voice NFTs on Pizzap.

After uploading their voices to the DAO community, users will propose the initial voice release, vote and subsequently make a decision. Community members of Pizzap obtain PNFT in the form of an IVO (initial VoiceNFT offering). The details of the process are outlined as follows:

  1. Proponents have to link PNFT to proposals to ensure that only serious proposals are made.

  2. If the voting amount reaches the target amount and the proposal is approved, the target must approve the use of the voice.

  3. If the use of the voice is not approved, the IVO proposal ends and all user PNFTs are unlocked.

  4. Once voice authorization is obtained, an MNFT is created.

  5. The amount of PNFT charged will be distributed to the target, the community and the proposer based on the distribution during the process.

  6. Once MNFT is minted, users can purchase the right to use MNFT through PNFT.

The official tokens of Pizzap are VNFT and MNFT, which are based on the ERC-721 standard, while PNFT is a social token for NFT fragmentation with perpetual royalties. Specifically, via VoiceNFT and fragmentation, Pizzap resolved the two biggest problems of the existing NFT market, which are intellectual property limitation and liquidity limitation.

Although many communities set a threshold for users to hold tokens, they lack the ability to continuously create value. Pizzap will provide the fractionalization of NFTs, a kind of service that allows users to split a complete NFT into several ERC-20 standard fragmented tokens, and these tokens can be traded on the market. Not only can this lower the threshold for investors, but it can also enhance the liquidity of NFTs in the market.

NFTs need to strengthen their DeFi attribute and make their liquidity performance strong through their trading performance on DEXs. The NFT token of Pizzap is listed on PaiSwap and obtained through staking PI. Traders on the DEX will intentionally or unintentionally improve the liquidity of NFT tokens in order to improve the income in the pool.

Interested parties can go to the Pizzap community to learn more.

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