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Monopolon (MLON) seek to use the concept of the most well known board game to turn virtual currency into real life riches for it’s players.

  •  $4 million seeked to raised by Monopolon, China and Japanese Crypto Investors on board
  • Building Actual Wealth with Virtual Opulence: What’s special about the Monopolon ecosystem?

Monopolon, is the first-ever futuristic gamefi project that has it’s concept revolving around the iconic Monopoly game. Monopolon shares the details of its game concept and how it’s community can benefit from this easy to play and free to play gamefi where everyone’s a winner. Due to the unmatched interest of investors, the team is going to announce another private and public presale in April 2022.

$4 million to be raised by Monopolon, China and Japanese Crypto Investors on board

A total of $4,000,0000 were to be raised from a private sale of its core native asset, MLON. The round was co-led by a clutch of high-profile VCs and angel investors, such as China Crypto Investors, Japanese Evangelists and so on.

Fresh funding will fuel both the technical progress and marketing activities of the Monopolon team. Multiple pre-sales initiatives and presentations are planned by Monopolon; some of them will be organised together with its strategic partners and investors.

Given the unparalleled euphoria in the Gamefi segment, Monopolon is going to give its supporters another opportunity to take part in the project’s funding. An additional $5,000,000 private pre-sale and public tokensale will be organised in April 2022.

Also, Monopolon intends to be listed in multiple launchpads such as BSCpad, Bullperks, TrustPad, Pinksale and so on. Launchpads raise capital while giving access to early-stage token sales for their group of investors. Getting access to early-stage sales means a bargain price for the investors before the public launch on the market.

Launching a project through a launchpad offers security to both founders and investors. Top crypto launchpads have a rigorous vetting process for new projects, while a KYC (Know Your Customer) process is usually performed by a third party as part of new users’ verification.

The Beta version of the game is expected to go live in April 2022, while the start of mainnet operations is expected in May 2022.

Building Actual Wealth with Virtual Opulence: What’s special about the Monopolon ecosystem?

Monopolon will combine all cutting-edge GameFi practices in a single environment available to its players. The team claims that, first of all, its product should be considered a “Play-to-Earn” ecosystem: it allows all players to be a winner and earn from the free to play game.

The Monopolon game environment also boasts the flexibility of a for all users which they categorised into: Avid gamers, Semi gamers and idle gamers. All three categories of gamers will be rewarded with MGM which is the reward token in-game for the participation in the game with the most avid and powerful on the board stand to earn the most rewards.

Amid the euphoria around non-fungible tokens, Monopolon will also launch its own NFT marketplace to allow all players to buy, sell and exchange their non-fungible tokens without leaving the gaming environment. Players can also supply MGM to other players via the marketplace.

Last but not least, the Monopolon game will have its own Player vs Player platform. Its enthusiasts will be able to battle it to receive passive rewards accrued from transaction fees and from players stepping on the grid you own. Game representatives estimate that the novel architecture of Monopolon will allow them to guarantee high rewards rates for experienced players and newbies alike.


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