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These are my views and my opinion on StrikeX Technologies Ltd. TradeStrike Ltd. These views do not reflect on an official TradeStrike Team standpoint

Firstly, before I start here is a link to my previous DD


The Alpha Build of the flagship product TradeStrike was revealed on StrikeX’s YouTube

What is TradeStrike ?

TradeStrike is the flagship product for TradeStrike Ltd. and will be a 24/7 tokenised trading platform including Stocks, Crypto, NFT’s and Real Estate.

What was featured in the reveal ?

Within the 14 minute reveal there were numerous features that really caught my attention.


  • Portfolio

  • Stats

  • News

  • Watchlist


  • The portfolio layout is a more comprehensive version of the StrikeX Wallet. This is because it is viewed as the most functional layout to see your portfolio at a glance.

  • At the top of the portfolio screen there are buttons to see the main menu and notifications and below this you can see your portfolio value as well as your overall profit/loss.

  • There is a chart below this that will give the user a visual representation of their portfolio performance.

  • The assets are shown in the middle of the screen, this allows the user to see the exact amount of tokens/shares they own.


  • This tab is where the user will be able to get a brief rundown on how their account is performing.

  • Firstly, there is the overall value of their portfolio.

  • Next there is the available balance the user has.

  • After this there is the value of their pending orders.

  • Following this the total invested amount is shown.

  • Finally, the user can see their total return whether that is profit or loss.



Main Menu:

  • Profile

  • History

  • Free Tokens

  • Alerts

  • Gift Cards

  • Settings

  • Help Centre


  • This allows users to have the ability to check their profile page and this includes features such as Trading Stats, NFT Showcase, Social Sharing. More info is still to come about this.


Free Tokens:


Gift Cards:

Settings & Help Centre:


  • Search bar

  • Trending

  • Recently Viewed

  • Markets

  • Todays leaderboard

  • Bundles

  • Calendar

Search bar:


Recently Viewed:


  • This shows the user a full simplified market overview.

  • There are bubbles that represent the performance of each market through size and colour.

  • A scrolling ticker of any breaking news is below this.

  • A customisable strip is at the bottom of the screen that the user can choose what assets they see.

  • The user can see where the money is currently flowing in the market through a chart that has different lines representing Stocks, Crypto, NFT’s and Forex.

Todays Leaderboard:

  • Within this leaderboard there are 4 sub tabs, Risers, Fallers, Volume and Trending.



Asset Page:

  • Overview

  • Info

  • Holdings

  • News

  • Trade

  • Fire mode

  • Chart Preferences

  • Order Book


  • At the top there are basic elements that allow the user to see what asset they are looking at and have options to set an alert or add the asset to their watchlist.

  • Under this the asset price is shown as well as the performance and volume over the selected timeframe.

  • Within the overview section there is what you would expect to be such as Days Range, 52 week range, Todays Volume, Average Volume, Max Supply, Market Cap, Float, All Time High and the Sentiment.

  • At the bottom of the screen the trading options are available as well as the balance the user has to trade.

  • You will be able to see where your friends/influencers buy and sell the asset you are on.


  • This is where you will find all the company related information such as the financial information and sector.

  • Information such as shareholders and inside activity is available, this is pulled straight from the SEC Filings.




  • You can flick between buying and selling and the theme of the page changes accordingly.

  • The user will be able to set a Market Buy/sell, Limit Buy/Sell, Stop Buy/Sell, Stop Limit Buy/Sell, Trailing Stop Buy/Sell

Fire mode:

  • This is for experienced day traders who would like to fire off orders immediately without going through the transaction process.

  • Since this is quite dangerous there are security elements that ensure this feature can’t be accessed immediately/accidentally. This is done by a double security pop up.

Chart Preferences:

  • This allows users to have access to basic chart options such as Timeframe, Type, Highlight AM & PM, Highlight Events, Assistant, Various Indicators.

Order Book:


  • Deposit

  • Withdraw

  • Convert

  • Transfer

  • Holdings

  • Stats

  • Transactions

  • Orders

Deposit & Withdraw:

Convert & Transfer




  • Language

  • Time zone

  • Display

  • Currency

  • Profile

  • Trading Preferences

  • Payments options

  • History

  • Security

  • Notifications

  • Privacy mode

  • Rate us

  • Legal

  • Support

  • TradeStrike


This reveal definitely upped my expectations, the AI looks so smooth and easy to use. This product will be very popular amongst Beginning, Intermediate and Expert investors and traders. I am honestly so delighted with what we were shown today and I cannot wait for the future of StrikeX Technologies Ltd. & TradeStrike Ltd.

The future is here and the future of retail trading is right around the corner. Things are heating up already and it’s only the start.

Here’s to Health, Wealth and Prosperity 🍻⚡️

What is the website ?

StrikeX Website

How do I buy ?

Trust Wallet Pancake Swap What is the StrikeX address ?


What is StrikeX listed on ?

StrikeX is listed and available to trade on

Where can I contact them ? 

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