RBIF is less then 1000 holders away from airdrop. : altcoin

Plus, the robo wallet is about to be released!!!!!!!!!!

When we hit 5,000 HOLDERS holders on etherscan, only existing and new wallets with the valued mentioned below will be eligible to receive the airdrops.

At 5,000 HOLDERS (the price at the time), below wallets (wallet value) will receive the airdrop

  1. USD 500 or more=> airdrop of $100

  2. USD 1,000 or more => airdrop of $200

  3. USD 1,500 or more => airdrop of $300 🤩🤩🤩

Robo Wallet is being developed to allow the holders to send and receive cryptocurrency worldwide. It will also help the users to store, track and manage their currency. In addition to that, Robo Wallet will also provide a feature to track the daily expenses that may include food, commute, and other such costs. This will help the users track all of their expenditures, cut down costs, and start saving up to achieve financial freedom.

  1. Teams fully doxxed (talk to them today thru different social medias)

  2. Fully audited

  3. Burned 1% of total supply a few months ago


  5. Perfect score , 100/100 on token sniffer

  6. Upcoming airdrop to its holders

The market is down and it’s a great entry point for all coins!!!

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