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Crypto communities appreciate fan-made artwork and a well-thought meme once in a while. It’s a socially great and fun way to boost creativity while having a laugh with other members.

Verasity hosted a purely fun-only driven contest on Discord for their community where members could participate in a Meme and Art competition for an opportunity to win a unique prize!! We gathered over 200 Art masterpieces and the occasional meme where we all chuckle and laugh at.

Would you like to become part of our $VRA-fam and browse an archive of 200+ fan-made Artwork and memes? Visit

The link to the meme/art contest on Discord

Why do we squeeze in time to host fun contests out of the ordinary, you ask?

At Verasity, we’ve valued our community from day 1.

3+ years later, we are looking at an astonishing 300K+ community members from all around the world spread out on various social platforms and channels. No matter how hard we work, community will always be one of our top priorities.

See Verasity’s Q2 Social metrics

P.s: We also afford more time for our community because…you know….Verasity has no competition! – we are the only one’s with a patented protocol layer on mainnet

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