In times of uncertainty you can depend on | by Peter Smith | @blockchain | Jun, 2022

In times of uncertainty you can depend on | by Peter Smith | @blockchain | Jun, 2022


It’s difficult to go a day without reading troubling news about the supply chain, inflation, recession or economic turmoil. Uncertainty is pervasive and it’s natural to be concerned. There are experts around the world sharing their views about why the economy has shifted and what happens next, yet few are talking about how to weather the storm and come out the other side having made smart financial decisions. This is why we started to be your partner through both the boom times and the rough patches.

Crypto is becoming more stable with each market swing but it’s critical you have the right advice, tools and guidance from your crypto partner to navigate market dynamics. In’s nearly 11 years in the market we have persevered through four crypto market cycles and each time been responsible stewards of the trust our customers place in us. We’ve been preparing for this moment, and throughout 2021 invested in our systems to ensure our products remain available and functioning as our customers expect.

We continue today to make your funds available when you need them and to safeguard your funds when you don’t. This is our promise to our customers and to the ecosystem: our job is to build a suite of products — recession and volatility proof — and to be ready for this moment so you have the power to make choices. With a strong capital base, cash positions, and liquidity reserves, we remain rock solid for our customers, clients and the industry.

Your global team is available 24/7 to answer questions, fix issues and be a sounding board for the crypto ecosystem. If you have thoughts or comments to share with me, please reach out on Twitter @OneMorePeter.

Thank you for being part of and for your continued trust.


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