CZDiamond, an ownership token with algorithmic USDC dividends. Own a part of Darkside.fiance, a long-term inovative blockchain platform on the Polygon Network. : altcoin’s revolutionary tokenized ownership model allows you to own a piece of the pie. Receive a share of the platforms revenue in the form of USDC dividends by staking CZDiamond. Dividend distribution is baked right into the token contract! has various profit generating dApps that have the potential to reward ownership token stakers in perpetuity. (Peer to peer over-the-counter exchange, yield farming, NFT minting, NFT staking, lootcrates using Chainlink randomness, with slot machine & on-chain poker to come in the near and distant future, respectively.)

All our smart contracts are audited through Paladin and our dev team works hard to deliver new income generating dApps to the platform.

Chainlink co-marketing coming on September 28th, devs identity under review with Huobi for possible Huobi wallet listing & OTC contract under review for possible white-labeling to Mandala exchange.

Read our docs & visit our telegram to learn more about our plans over at







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