Y5 Finance to give back to holders of Luna Classic (LUNC) through Buy Back and Burn on its own new tokenomics CEX : altcoin

Notes from Y5 Finance Core team:

Luna Classic Listing with 1.2% Burn

Every buy and sell transaction of LUNC made on the Y5 CEX platform (launching on Monday July 25th) will be taxed 1.2%, which will be wholly sent to the LUNC Burn wallet (proof provided).

Without a successful burn system, the token is beyond any chance of a revival. This process will inevitably be replicated by other exchanges in the industry and there are also plans for this to happen ‘on-chain’ – implementation at this early stage demonstrates our ability to compete with the front runners of the industry.

Motive for implementing:

-Aligns with our aspirations to ‘clean-up’ the crypto industry -Supports a completely demoralised community -The volatility of the asset still allows for the token to be traded profitably despite the tax. Since the start of June the token has an average low-to-high weekly trading range of c.98%.

Y5 Finance was launched in January 2022, currently has two tokens (the Y5 Wealth Token and the Y5 Trader Token) and will be the first regulated CEX to support tokenomics.

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