XRP Could Go Up by 2319%, a Famous Crypto Analyst

According to a famous crypto analyst, XRP is headed to all-time highs.

In an Aug 20th video, analyst; Crypto Credible have suggested XRP could reach unprecedented highs during the ending phase of the ongoing bull market. Citing the 1000% rally the XRP went through during the year 2017, Credible Crypto stated, the token could go through a similar phase during the current bull cycle.

Crypto Credible reminded XRP was barely $0.22 in 2017 before it went up 30x to 3.30, as he suggested the biggest gains happen during the last 10% of the bull market. Crypto Credible implied something similar could happen during the current bull cycle as he said:

“I think if we can break the all-time high within the next few months then we’re easily going to go – 3 to 5X is very reasonable. Again, in 2017 we went 10X. 3 to 5X is easy. $10.00 minimum is where I’l consider taking profits.”

Analyst hinted that the XRP’s all time high is the most critical resistance towards a major 10,20 or 30x bull. As it asserted once the XRP surpasses its all time high of $3.40, it would be into an explosive price discovery phase that could potentially take the token to $30. Stating that from the current price level XRP could grow by 2319%, analyst said:

“We have a ways to go is what I’m getting at here. Again, my targets for XRP as I’ve said many many times, stand at $20 to $30 at the end of this bull cycle, whether that be six months or a year for now.”

Crypto Credible is not the first analyst, suggesting a similar XRP price action rather many have projected a similar price heading towards the end of the year.

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