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Climate action is growing popular among youngsters. And so are meme coins. What if we could combine the two? And that’s exactly what Chimpzee has done.

Climate Action Requires Global Participation

Many new projects have emerged with the goal of regenerating the planet over the last few years. Sadly, they lack participation, despite the noble causes they stand for. They have been unable to make a meaningful impact.

The lack of global coordination is to blame.

Chimpzee is a new blockchain project that aims to tackle this challenge and popularize climate action among youngsters. The key characteristic of the project is facilitating transparent contributions to wildlife conservation while providing users with the opportunity to earn passive income.

The two key digital assets on the platform are CHMPZ and Chimpzee NFT Passports. They offer attractive investment prospects this year and hold significant growth potential, based on the project’s scope for widespread adoption beyond the crypto space.

Long-term value appreciation is not the sole benefit of holding Chimpzee tokens and NFT passports. They serve a wide range of utilities and functionalities within the Shop2Earn, Play2Earn, and Trade2Earn platforms of Chimpzee. Chimpzee NFT passports also give holders various privileges and perks and a clear advantage for everyone else on these platforms.

The project allows investors to stake the NFT passports during their holding period to reap attractive interest.

Crypto Incentivization in Climate Action

Chimpzee places a strong emphasis on rewarding users when it comes to any environmental cause. It can be a game-changer in climate action and wildlife conservation. Crypto incentivization is a cornerstone of the ecosystem, and Chimpzee offers three distinct avenues for users to generate passive income.

These are the three key Chimpzee platforms where you can earn income:

  1. Chimpzee Store: A digital store where you can buy merchandise that reflects your support for wildlife conservation. Each time you make a purchase, you are rewarded with CHMPZ tokens. It provides a tangible monetary benefit for your solidarity.
  2. Chimpzee NFT Marketplace: If you’re an active NFT trader, you’d love to learn that the Chimpzee NFT Marketplace shares a portion of its profits with you. The profit-sharing mechanism encourages participation and engagement within the ecosystem.
  3. Zero Tolerance Game: The play-to-earn module is for enthusiastic gamers. It presents an exciting avenue to monetize the past-time activity. As you ascend the leaderboards through your performance, you will earn CHMPZ tokens as rewards. It aligns your passion for gaming with meaningful incentives.

A Project Committed to Action, Not Just Promises

The crypto industry is crowded with projects that actively raise funds during the presale phase with empty promises. Once they launch the token, they work on fulfilling their vision, but they lack the passion and accountability.

Chimpzee distinguishes itself with an action-packed roadmap that has begun to materialize.

It goes beyond empty pledges and features a track record of actual commitment to social and environmental causes. Since the beginning, Chimpzee has been donating to various initiatives related to wildlife conservation. In fact, with each presale milestone Chimpzee achieves, a portion of the proceeds is dedicated to supporting the causes it stands for.

For example, Chimpzee has allied with organizations like One Tree Planted to initiate tree-planting efforts in the Brazilian rainforest and the Southwest Coast of Guatemala, contributing significantly to environmental restoration.

Chimpzee has also showcased dedication to wildlife conservation by donating $15,000 to support the preservation of one of the last herds of desert-adapted elephants through a strategic partnership with the WILD Foundation.

The project is ahead of schedule in its efforts to reinvigorate climate action and wildlife conservation. The track record adds to its credibility among investors.

How Chimpzee Tackles Market Volatility

Even the most established cryptocurrencies are susceptible to market volatility. Irrespective of how good the underlying project is, projects fall prey to the whims of the market from time to time.

Chimpzee has implemented a dual deflationary mechanism centered around staking and burning to mitigate the effects of market volatility on its price action.

It uses the inverse relationship between an asset’s price and its supply to make this possible.

In staking, Chimpzee incentivizes users to hold its token by offering passive rewards in return. Here, it encourages users to retain their tokens. In burning, on the other hand, the supply is gradually reduced over time. Diminishing supply translates to the scarcity of the token, which in turn drives up its value.

Little Time Left to Buy CHMPZ at Presale Price

The Chimpzee presale is currently progressing through its BRONZE phase. It is the last of the four-phase presale. The presale features an increasing price structure. So the earlier you join the presale, the higher the discounts.

Unlike most meme coins, Chimpzee’s appeal extends beyond mere speculation, as it offers real-world value and utility to its users.

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