2 New Crypto Presales With High Utility And Action – Meme Kombat & Bitcoin Minetrix

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Long-term crypto projects that offer early involvement opportunities during the presale stage are typically those with well-defined use cases for investors. In this post, we will discuss the two crypto presales known for their significant utility and dynamic action features.

Crypto presale tokens are a potential choice for early investors, offering lower prices while aiding project development and launch, though with added risk. Yet, they also hold the promise of substantial rewards. The new projects listed below often introduce innovative technologies and concepts that could reshape the industry.

Meme Kombat – A Memes, Gamble-Fi, and Staking Fusion with AI Battles and More

Meme Kombat is a new presale project that blends memes, gamble-fi, and staking to deliver an engaging experience. Launched on September 25th, the project has quickly caught the eye of the meme coin community due to its early success and innovative approach.

This has led to comparisons with Wall Street Memes, this year’s trending presale meme coin, which saw a 3x price increase after its launch. Meme Kombat aspires to establish itself in the meme coin domain with potential features like play-to-earn (P2E) gaming and staking.

One of its standout features is AI-powered battles involving well-known meme characters that users can wager on using $MK, the native ERC-20 token. Various game modes are available, including player vs. player (PvP) matches and player vs. game (PvG) modes, enhancing both competitiveness and community engagement.

Additionally, there’s a PvG mode with traditional odds mechanics for transparent gambling with preset outcomes and numerous events to bet on. The platform also provides a simplified Direct Betting mode for specific character or battle wagers and a Side Action Betting mode for dynamic battle elements, granting users more control over their bets.

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Jacob Crypto Bury also manages a Discord channel with 17,000 members, where users can access trading tips and stay informed about upcoming crypto presales.

Forging a Community-Driven Future with Considerate Tokenomics and Staking

Meme Kombat distinguishes itself in the meme coin arena through its thoughtfully crafted tokenomics, with an emphasis on long-term potential. During the presale, 50% of $MK tokens will be up for grabs, with allocations of 10% for exchange liquidity, 10% for community rewards, and 30% for staking rewards.

This arrangement guarantees complete community ownership and decentralization, fostering enduring community development and price steadiness. For staking, $MK holders can lock their tokens within the Meme Kombat platform, earning an attractive 112% annual percentage yield (APY).

Staking requirements for platform access will reduce the token’s available supply. With a clear roadmap and 10% of tokens set aside for community rewards, these elements will boost project visibility, community engagement, and demand, potentially leading to significant success.

Meme Kombat’s native token $MK is available at a discounted price of just $1.667 during the presale, giving the protocol a modest $20 million market cap. As the word spreads about its immense potential, it’s expected to make rapid progress toward its $10 million funding target.

Presale investors need not wait until the presale concludes to generate passive earnings – tokens obtained during the presale are automatically placed into the staking contract. While an official Meme Kombat staking dashboard is on the horizon, $MK presale purchasers can be certain that their token accumulation continues uninterrupted.

Invest in $MK at memekombat.io.

Bitcoin Minetrix – An Accessible and Transparent Cloud Mining Solution

Bitcoin Minetrix introduces a user-friendly ecosystem, offering a distinct mining experience suitable for both newcomers and experienced Bitcoin miners. Cloud mining has often been plagued by fraud, with many investors losing money and receiving nothing in return.

However, Bitcoin Minetrix addresses these concerns by eliminating the need for direct financial transactions; instead, all processes are automated via Ethereum smart contracts. It’s important to highlight that Coinsult, a blockchain security firm, has audited Bitcoin Minetrix without identifying major issues.

To participate in the project, users require an Ethereum-compatible wallet, such as MetaMask. Staking $BTCMTX tokens yields non-tradable ERC-20 credits, which must be redeemed for actual Bitcoin cloud mining power.

This innovative Stake-to-Mine concept democratizes Bitcoin mining, making it accessible to everyday crypto investors without the need for technical expertise or significant upfront investments. Notably, the Bitcoin Minetrix staking pool currently boasts an impressive APY of over 528%.

Exclusive Entry into Bitcoin Minetrix’s Optimistic Ecosystem

After surpassing the $1 million mark, the $BTCMTX presale is in full swing, offering discounted prices during its initial phase for a limited time. The presale, featuring ten rounds, gradually increases token prices by 10% with each round.

Currently, the token is available for $0.011, providing a ground-level opportunity. By the presale’s conclusion, the price could rise to $0.0119, indicating an 8% increase. Participating in the presale is easy – visit the website and acquire $BTCMTX by swapping ETH, BNB, or USDT.

The minimum investment is $10, and investors also have the option to use a credit/debit card. This token distribution is favorable for investors, as they hold the majority of the supply.

Of the $BTCMTX tokens, 42.5% will support Bitcoin Minetrix’s bitcoin mining operations. Another 35% will be directed towards marketing efforts and the expansion of $BTCMTX. Additionally, 15% has been allocated for community rewards to encourage active project participation.

Lastly, 7.5% is reserved for $BTCMTX staking rewards until the development of the Bitcoin Minetrix cloud mining platform. As a bonus, the project introduces a ‘Minedrop’ event featuring a $30k airdrop, offering ten fortunate participants the opportunity to win $BTCMTX tokens, each valued at $3,000.

Invest in $BTCMTX at bitcoinminetrix.com.


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