Ticket Marketplace Large Ticketmaster Chooses Flow Blockchain for NFT Push

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This week, Ticketmaster Entertainment, Inc. discovered the company can provide event organizers the flexibility to mint non-fungible token (NFT) tickets via the Flow blockchain. Last Nov, Ticketmaster had been operating with polygonal shape however since Super Bowl LVI, the price tag sales and distribution behemoth started operating with the natty Labs-managed Flow.

Ticketmaster Has Minted over Five Million NFTs Using Flow’s Technology

On August 31, 2022, a sportsbusinessjournal.com report elaborated that Ticketmaster can permit event organizers to issue NFTs using the Flow blockchain. Organizers are able to mint NFTs before, during, or once an occurrence and that they will represent tickets or record, VIP access and rewards further. The report notes that the ticketing agency has already minted five million NFTs via the Flow network.

Clients that have issued NFTs embrace The Black Crowes, the Phoebus Apollo Theater, and Gavin DeGraw. Ticketmaster originally same it’d use polygonal shape however in Feb the world’s largest price tag marketplace set to use Flow for the Super Bowl fifty-six NFT tickets.

Flow already works with the NFL via the partnership it puzzled out for the “NFL All Day” NFTs. moreover, the natty Labs operated Flow was additionally leveraged to mint “NBA high Shot” NFTs and “UFC Strike” NFTs. moreover, NFL game attendees will get Flow-issued NFT tickets from over 100 games from the 2022 season.

Flow Says ‘Ticketmaster Is Empowering Event Organizers’

All-time statistics from the NFT information person cryptoslam.io shows that the Flow blockchain commands the fourth largest position in terms of NFT sales among 19 completely different blockchains. The Flow blockchain has recorded $1,098,215,401 in incomparable NFT sales, in step with cryptoslam.io data. 30-day stats indicate Flow is that the fifth-largest just under changeless X that saw a 417% rise within the past month.

Flow additionally confirmed the Ticketmaster deal on Wednesday once it tweeted regarding it to measure Nation fans. “Big news for live event fans,” Flow same. “[Ticketmaster] event organizers currently offers digital keepsakes, minted [on Flow].” the corporate continued:

Activate access to experiences and rewards. And that’s not all — [Ticketmaster] is empowering event organizers to boost live experiences for fans — Share your experiences on-line, never lose that price tag from the show you liked, new ways to reward communities, [and] fancy VIP experiences.

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