This week’s Micro Cap Watch List is now live

This week’s Micro Cap Watch List is now live


Happy Friday!

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This week has seen a slight improvement in confidence in the market with the Fear and Greed index suggesting that we are in a period of fear compared to last week’s extreme fear. That has to be a good thing. The week has been in a holding pattern with the overall market cap increasing slightly from $1.36 trillion to $1.37 trillion. Bitcoin is at a similar level to last week and Ethereum saw an 8% increase.

The extreme pessimism of the last few weeks where so-called experts suggested bitcoin was headed back down to $20,000 has so far proved unfounded.

Micro Cap Watch List

This week’s list saw a marked improvement compared to the last month or so. There were only three significant losers whilst the majority of the list ended the week in positive territory.

The main winners this week were:

Governor DAO +71%

Alpaca +58%

Rarible +50%

CertiK +38%

The main losers this week were:

Haven -61%

AdEx -18%

LIKE -14%


Haven, our hot tip of a few weeks ago announced that they had been compromised and are now in the process of forking the protocol to iron out the weakness in the code. Hold this one for now.


We removed Cover, the insurance platform, from our list. We believe the crypto insurance space is becoming overcrowded. In order to succeed in this market operators must have a differentiator.


We still believe there is plenty of value in our existing list however we did stumble across two cryptocurrencies that both seem undervalued and undiscovered.

Ethbox Token (EBOX) –

Ethbox provides a unique solution to a problem in cryptocurrency trading that is as devastating as it is widespread. Accidentally sending funds to a mistyped or mistaken recipient address has already been the cause for hundreds of millions, if not billions, of financial damage. Harnessing the cryptographically unbreakable safety of the underlying Ethereum blockchain, ethbox provides a smart contract based digital escrow service to completely alleviate any risk of loss while sending cryptocurrency.

The platform just launched this week. With a fully diluted market cap of only $3.5 million which is 95% below its all time high this is a project worth closer attention.

Shield Finance (SHLD) –

We also replaced Cover with another insurance platform called Shield Finance. You can listen to the CEO talk about his project and the market in general below in our latest Inside Track podcast. Shield differentiates itself by acting as an aggregator. That means it aggregates all the other insurance platforms products and rates, the more competition the better the choice and the more attractive Shield’s platform is to users. With a fully diluted market cap of $15 million, which is close to it’s all time low, this project looks good value.

View this week’s Micro Cap Watch List here:

Some other developments

Inside Track podcast

It’s been a busy week in our Inside Track series of podcasts.

This week we published two new podcasts.

ChainGuardians – talks blockchain gaming. Gaming may not be everyone’s cup of tea but if you don’t really understand the dynamics of the medium or the potential that blockchain has to revolutionize the gaming world this is a must listen to.

Shield Finance – talks crypto insurance. DeFi insurance is another industry that is growing fast. Get the inside track on this rapidly growing market and find out why Shield is an attractive platform in itself.

Listen to Inside Track here:


We published an article this week covering a few of the crypto shenanigans of the late John McAfee. We conclude by providing two lessons that we can all learn from his pump and dump activities both as promoters and investors.

Read our latest article here:


We held our first Ask me Anything session on our Telegram channel this week where the founder of Candela Coin, the solar energy platform, took questions.

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