RippleX is dedicated to supporting the XRP Ledger (XRPL) community and creating tools, services and programs that help developers and entrepreneurs build on the ledger. Part of this effort is ensuring that the journey to build on the XRPL is as streamlined and straightforward as possible.

After careful consideration and deliberation, we’ve decided to sunset the website – it will no longer be accessible after July 31, 2021 – and migrate our existing resources to other locations.

Through analytics and direct feedback from site visitors, we heard developers and entrepreneurs are unclear on where to find a unified portal to the XRPL ecosystem. With the decision to sunset, RippleX will continue to support the XRPL community by partnering with organizations like the XRP Ledger Foundation, Interledger Foundation and Open Payments Coalition to streamline developer resources and improve the overall XRPL developer journey and experience.

Starting August 1, the XRPL community can continue accessing current resources in the following places:

  • Dev Kit: For the latest SDK resources, please check out the XRPL client libraries at The xpring-js, xpring-java and xpring-swift SDKs will still be available to the community in the Github repos, but RippleX will no longer be maintaining or contributing to them.
  • Documentation: All documentation for the XRP Ledger can be found at
  • Blog: Get content and updates from RippleX at Ripple Insights and the Ripple Engineering blog. XRP Ledger release updates and community spotlights can be found on the XRPL blog.
  • Interledger: Find everything you need to know about Interledger, an open and inclusive payments network, at
  • PayString: Explore PayString, the universal payment identifier, at

What this means for RippleX

We aren’t going anywhere! Our team remains fully committed to hyper-accelerating the Internet of Value in partnership with the XRPL community. We will continue to champion the builders of tomorrow by providing the infrastructure, tools, services, programs and support for creation on the XRP Ledger.

Stay up to date with us at and follow us on Twitter at @RippleXDev.

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