Snoop Is ‘Medici’? The Mainstream Infiltration Continues

Snoop Is ‘Medici’? The Mainstream Infiltration Continues

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Today on the Brief:

  • BlockFi gets another extension
  • Chainalysis’s secret data honeypot
  • Robinhood crypto finally gets transfers

In our main discussion, NLW talks how crypto has mainstreamed over the last year, including:

  • Bitcoin for hedge funders
  • Bitcoin for El Salvador
  • NFTs for NBA fans
  • NFTs for crypto OGs and celebrities

He specifically looks at what rapper Snoop Dogg’s anon account disclosure in the space means for the future.

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“The Breakdown” is written, produced by and features NLW, with editing by Rob Mitchell and additional production support by Eleanor Pahl. Adam B. Levine is our executive producer and our theme music is “Countdown” by Neon Beach. The music you heard today behind our sponsor is “Tidal Wave” by BRASKO. Image credit: Gary Miller/Getty Images Entertainment, modified by CoinDesk.

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