ROYAL BNB has just released their new roadmap and it is HOT!!! : altcoin

Royal BNB gives 15% automatic BNB rewards. These rewards are calculated every 30 minutes and paid out every 12 hours. You can check your rewards by using the dashboard. I like this dashboard because you dont need to connect your wallet, just simply paste your address and load!

The project was launched on 31/07/21 and although it has had some ups and downs (literally)! it is still going strong. Its really nice to see the passion from the devs and team that they have for this project. Its refreshing to see and clear they will not give up on Royal.

So far over 200 BNB has been paid out since launch and I have personally received 1.7 BNB since I invested. The top holders have accumulated over 10BNB!!

What stands out for me is the fact the Royal BNB has a completely unique feature, something that has not been seen before in crypto. They have implemented artificial intelligence, it is an intelligent piece of algorithm which takes data points of each dip and waits to buy up the threshold point until limit is reached. This gives a sky-rocketing shot at green candles every time the system kicks in. I personally cannot wait to see this is action! They have called this the Royal Thrust feature!

Royal BNB is listed on CG and CMC – links here:

Royal BNB had a full audit before they launched and passed with flying colours!

Liquidity is locked for 1 year.

5% marketing wallet that has yet to be used!

Royal is currently sitting at under $500K MC, personally I think this is massively unervalued and has huge potential to grow!

Bot free group, yes the numbers might be low but 100% genuine investors, we are keen to engage real people who understands what it is like to be treated like a Royal, so what are you waiting for?

DYOR but we would love you to come and join us!




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