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Are you ready to test your Meqa knowledge?

We are proud to announce a new community event where you have the opportunity to win 20 reputation points within our Discord and Telegram communities! This consists of a 10 question quiz that pertains to all of our previous blog posts and Meqa School articles. If you get all ten of them right you will be awarded 20 reputation points for your great detective work!

You can access the quiz here!

Seeing as how this is our first time hosting this new event there will be a FAQ below that will hopefully answer any potential questions you may have.


What are reputation points? Reputation Points is a system within our Discord and Telegram communities that allow users to gain “reputation” through other user’s endorsing them or they can be earned through events such as this one.

What do reputation points do? When we commence the launch of Meqa you will be able to redeem your accrued points for bonus Meqa Tokens! This is a tiered system and you can read more here.

How long will this event last? This event will last for 24 hours once this post goes live! This will be 11am UTC on April 6th 2022 – 11am UTC April 7th 2022.

How long until my points are awarded? All points will be allocated within 48 hours once the content closes.

Do I have to be in either Discord or Telegram to receive my points? Yes, we cannot award the points if you are not a member within either community.

Can I be awarded twice? No, you will have the option of either submitting your Discord or Telegram username, whichever is submitted is the one that will be used.

Do I have to get a perfect score to be awarded my points? Yes, only users who get all questions right will be awarded their points.

Do I get more than one attempt? Yes, everyone will be able to submit multiple times but you can only win once.

Where can I find the blog and Meqa School posts? You can find the blog here, and you can find Meqa School here.

If you have any other questions please comment them below and one of our fantastic team members will get back to you soon!

We are super excited to be rolling out this fun community event and look forward to seeing how everyone does!

You can join our Telegram here, and our Discord here! Don’t forget to visit our website either!

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