Meqa Network – What Could Web3.0 Bring to the Table? : altcoin

Meqa Network – What Could Web3.0 Bring to the Table? : altcoin


There has been a lot of buzz around the term ‘Web3.0’ recently. From lawmakers to crypto enthusiasts, you are sure to have heard that term more often in the past few months. However, what does ‘Web3.0” actually mean and what are the pros and cons it brings us as consumers?

When the internet was first launched on January 1st, 1983, the idea was to have a decentralized platform, free from the prying hands of governments and corporations. This ideology held true until 2004 when ‘Web2.0’ was implemented. There were no specific technical upgrades to move from ‘Web1’ to ‘Web2.0’, but there was a large change in the way the internet would be consumed going forward. The era of ‘Web2.0’ was a way for users to provide and create content and also was the beginning stages of the giant social media platforms that we see today. 

Web apps such as Google Maps, YouTube, and Twitter were all invented because of the implementation of ‘Web2.0’. These apps give users more control over the internet they use.  The ability to socialize with people around the world, as well as give people access to information and opinions they would not easily be able to access otherwise.

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