Massive Marketing Activities Will Be Undertaken in October for RemeX Token! Team Announces Big Updates 🚀 : altcoin

🤩 Preparations have been made, new features developed, and we are all set to start a MASSIVE marketing campaign come October! 🚀


📢 October comes with a new marketing campaign and updates for RemeX Token With bullish market anticipations, already listed on CG and CMC coming this month, RemeX team announces the following updates:

  • 📈 Anticipation for bullish market ⬆️

  • 💻 Implementation of API – RemeX’s upgraded access to Agafos platform will bring more opportunities and establish RemeX as a utility token

  • 🦸‍♂️ Comics! – Agafos platform will produce comics in addition to quizzes, tests, and polls. How cool is that?!

🎃 Stay tuned, sip your pumpkin-spice coffee, and rest assured – it is safe in RemeX nest!

📝 Contract: 0x893e258ee221c9c8Da50d01108d1Ac47cFC3Dc9a

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