Malaysia’s Tiger Beer Producer Partners With PMC To Unleash NFTs

The Malaysian beer company, Tiger Beer, has successfully launched its new series of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Tiger Beer has temporarily partnered with the Malaysian street clothing company Pestle & Mortar Clothing (PMC) to release new series of NFTs.

In a June 29 announcement, the Malaysian brewing company confirmed the successful launch of its new digital collectibles to kick off the “Year of the Tiger” in style. Tiger Beer temporarily teamed up with PMC to release the NFT series.

The new NFT series named “The Tiger Archive” consists of a limited 6688 hand-designed NFTs. These NFTs are part of Tiger Beer’s heated campaign “The Year of Your Tiger” to encourage people to achieve their bold ambitions in 2022.

While commenting about the new NFT launching, Tiger Beer’s global brand manager maintained that the “bold and courageous” spirit has always been essential to Tiger Beer. He hinted to brew tropical beer despite much trade opposition.

The NFT series depicts a variety of fun “Lucky Tigers,” featuring various themes, poses, and fringes. According to the team behind the development, these NFTs will give holders access to proprietary goods and regulatory experiences.

More Beer Companies Joins The Crypto Space

The numbers of beer companies spanning the crypto industry continue surging, with Tiger Beer undoubtedly the first beer company to enter the NFT space. Here are some of the top alcohol brewers that have already seeded in the NFT space this year:

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• Goslings Rum filed NFT patents for the “Dark ‘n Stormy”

• Whiskey brand Crown Royal launched new NFTs

• Dwyane Wade teamed with Budweiser Zero to unleash the NFT series

• Absolute Vodka launched Coachella–themed metaverse

Since blockchain tech has made it seamless to buy and sell digital assets, a variety of companies are leveraging the new tech to test how they interact with their customers. In that context, many beers and alcoholic beverage companies will continue stepping into the crypto space, making the Web3 and metaverse their next important thing.

In the meantime, since Tiger and PMC’s joint artwork sold in a matter of seconds, it’s anticipated that these companies might continue working together in the NFT space in the coming months and years.


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