Launch a public or private token sale in a few clicks? The on-chain CoinList is otw! Configurability and security at your fingertips. : altcoin

Origination, xToken Terminal’s latest app is almost here! Easily configure a few variables and launch a token offering permissionlessly and securely in minutes. Read on for more:

Use cases include:

– Public Token Sale – Configure and deploy your project’s token sale in a few clicks

– Private Token Sale – Register an investor whitelist with allocations per address (simply upload a CSV – we’ll handle the rest!)

– Public/Private Hybrid – Customize your offering using both public and private token allocations

– Olympus Style Bonding – Option to accept LP tokens as payment in return for another asset at a fixed ratio

– M & A Transaction – Securely convert from one token to another as part of a merger or acquisition

– Crowdfunding Sale – Raise funds for a personal project or early stage idea

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