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Following the success of the Wall Street Memes presale, yet another new memecoin announced its presale and quickly raised over $104,000 in just seven days.

Far from just another random memecoin, Meme Kombat brings a unique twist, combining attractive staking rewards with an engaging battle arena gaming experience.

What is Meme Kombat?

Meme Kombat is a unique blockchain project that combines memes with competitive battle arenas. It harnesses the decentralized strength of Ethereum to create an entertaining gaming experience. In Meme Kombat, players engage in battles with AI-animated characters inspired by popular internet memes using the core currency, $MK.

Meme Kombat brings together a roster of familiar meme characters, including Melody, Pepe, Shiba, Floki, Wojak, and more. The presale of Meme Kombat has already garnered substantial attention, raising over $104K out of its $1 million goal.

Although the initial exchange rate of 1 $MK to $1.667 may seem high, history has shown that successful cryptocurrencies with initially high prices can lead to substantial gains. If you’re looking for other investment opportunities, check out our list of the top crypto ICO’s to consider.

Meme Kombat effortless fusion of three applications

The Meme Kombat token (MK) acts as the primary currency in the Meme Kombat arena, establishing an environment where players, stakeholders, and enthusiasts can interact and participate. The $MK is designed to be utilized in various ways within the Meme Kombat ecosystem.

  • Automated Battles: Characters from different memecoins fight in automatic battles where the results are decided on-chain. Advanced AI technology brings these fights to life, making for a fascinating and unpredictable gaming experience.
  • Wagering: Those who have $MK can bet and stake their tokens on the results of fights. Players who win have the chance for valuable gifts, such as more MK tokens.
  • Staking for Passive Earnings: Holders can engage in staking for a passive APY, acknowledging their long-term support in the Meme Kombat community.

Meme Kombat unique tokenomics

Meme Kombat has a total of 12 million tokens. The MK tokens are divided into segments to make sure everything stays stable and grows well.

The 50% presale allocation of the total $MK supply is crucial for initial capital generation, providing early investors with a preferential rate. Early access contributes to community commitment, establishing liquidity, and shaping value perception for future trading.

Allocating 30% of the $MK supply to staking and battle rewards demonstrates the project’s dedication to encouraging participation, offering returns on staked $MK, and fueling prizes for both general and high-stakes battles, integrating $MK into the Meme Kombat experience.

The 10% DEX allocation ensures liquidity, facilitates smooth $MK trading, enhances accessibility to crypto participants, and promotes price stability by managing token availability, reducing susceptibility to market manipulations.

The community rewards segment, comprising 10% of the total $MK supply, underscores the project’s commitment to community development by providing engagement incentives, fostering long-term loyalty through regular rewards for active community members, and promoting collaborative growth.

Meme Kombat staking features

Staking is central to Meme Kombat, allowing users to play, receive passive incentives, and bet MK on battles. Users stake MK tokens on Meme Kombat’s website by connecting wallets, choosing the amount, and having options for betting allocations.

Unstaking is possible post-network launch, with re-staking subject to a 14-day lock. During this period, users earn APY rewards and can opt to unstake at the end or continue for ongoing APY. Partial withdrawals aren’t supported; users must withdraw all tokens, forfeiting APY.

Re-staking incurs a lock, resuming APY rewards. The primary attraction of staking $MK lies in earning passive annual percentage yield (APY) as staked tokens generate interest over time, fostering stability in the Meme Kombat ecosystem.

This also incentivizes ongoing user engagement beyond active battle betting. Staking for betting not only provides passive rewards but also enables users to wager on battles in the Meme Kombat arena, strategically allocating a portion of their staked tokens.

This integrated staking and betting experience on the web-based platform ensures a seamless way for users to manage their tokens and engage with the game.

Meme Kombat’s roadmap sets the stage for explosive growth

The Meme Combat roadmap provides a transparent vision for the project’s development, instilling confidence in potential investors. In September 2023, the presale kicks off, offering 50% of MK tokens to kickstart the project and secure crucial funds.

Following this, the platform is scheduled to officially launch in October or November 2023. Post-launch, Season 1 aims to attract users and foster community engagement through battles and leaderboards.

Season 2, launching in December 2023, introduces enhanced features, reflecting Meme Kombat’s commitment to innovation in blockchain gaming.

Continuous upgrades will follow, shaping future seasons and features based on user preferences and industry trends, with expansion plans potentially including new game modes, partnerships, and exciting developments beyond 2023.

For valuable insights into the top memecoins to consider for purchase, refer to our available guide here.

Meme Kombat’s team and community overview

A project is only as strong as its team, and Meme Combat boasts a fully documented team under the direction of a project lead with a prominent LinkedIn profile, fostering transparency that contributes to community trust.

Furthermore, the project has experienced a rapidly growing Telegram and Twitter following, signaling a positive reception within the crypto community.

Taking everything into account, this project shows promise for success, positioning itself to thrive in the fiercely competitive market of memecoins. Take part in the $MK presale at


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