Is McCaleb Done with XRPs? As the Billionaire Suddenly Stops Selling

According to the data shared by XRPScan, the website specifically designed to track Jed McCaleb’s XRP transactions, the crypto billionaire has sold none of XRPs this month.

No Sale of XRP, this Month

Usually, whenever McCaleb receives XRPs from Ripple, he solds out some portion of it within the next couple of days or weeks. But this time no such transaction has taken place so far.

Most recently McCaleb received 174,862,720 XRPs(worth over 165 million in USD at current price) from Ripple, in his “tacostand” wallet, during Aug. Since this very inflow not even a single XRP has been sold.

With this addition McCaleb XRP holdings had reached 709,911,475.983699 XRP, worth over 672 million USD at the Current price.

While McCaleb hasn’t sold any this month in Aug he fetched millions through the sale of 198.3 million XRPs.

Who is McCaleb?

Jed McCaleb, Co-founder of Ripple Labs, founder of Stellar, is one of the wealthiest crypto billionaires. After founding Ripple Labs together with Chris Larsen McCaleb remained the company’s CTO before he left it in 2013. After leaving Ripple, McCaleb went on to found Stellar and is currently the company’s CTO.

McCaleb was also featured in Forbes’ “The Cryptocurrency Tycoons On Forbes’ 2021 Billionaires List“. According to the magazine having net worth of over $2 billion McCaleb stands 9th in “Crypto Rich List 2021”.

Why is McCaleb Receiving Tons of XRPs?

McCaleb left Ripple, because of his difference of opinion on the company’s direction. The deal was struck between Ripple and its Co-founder through which McCaleb had to receive 9 billion XRPs from the company.

Since separation Ripple has been sending XRPs on regular intervals with the understanding that McCaleb would not sell huge amounts of tokens at once, rather in small chunks.

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