I joined RBIF at 0.000000000178… : altcoin

I joined RBIF at 0.000000000178… : altcoin


Quotation from: https://www.reddit.com/r/roboinu/comments/u86pes/i_joined_rbif_at_0000000000178/

And I still have not broke even. Noooo – I don’t count backwards, doh! It’s how I count and how my mind works. I know exactly how much fiat has moved out of my bank account into the land of hopium, and I know my goal is to move back as much fiat as I can. So this is how I count shit … what’s gone in compared to what’s been pulled out.

I’ve only been into 2 tokens during my short time in crypto. SHIB and RBIF. I bought into the hype of SHIB and learned (pretty quickly) the meaning of FOMO, buying high, and selling low. After watching the steady decline of my SHIB I thought fuck it and jumped into RBIF during the first few days of Jan 22. Timing was just good luck bought on by a soft shill. I count myself as being a holder number between 1000 – 1200 or thereabouts. Dunno exactly because it was all a blur and I was still freaking out intensely by all the hoops you had to jump through back then and all the scare stories of being hacked while doing it.

Thanks to bank statements I know how much I’ve spent overall and what number past nine zero’s needs to be reached for me to say (truthfully) Ahh … I’ve fucking broken even – now I’m making!!!

For more information, you can check their official: roboinu.io/linktree/

Where to buy Roboinu? 💰💰 👉 Uniswap 👉 BitMart

Official Contract: 📕 0x7b32e70e8d73ac87c1b342e063528b2930b15ceb


Where to buy Roboinu? 💰💰💰 👉 Uniswap: https://app.uniswap.org/#/swap?inputCurrency=0x7b32e70e8d73ac87c1b342e063528b2930b15ceb&outputCurrency=ETH 👉 BitMart: https://www.bitmart.com/trade/en?layout=basic&symbol=RBIF_USDT


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