Hello (again), World!

In 2018, we announced Xpring to help build upon Ripple’s vision of enabling the Internet of Value by supporting the community of developers building with XRP.

In December 2019, we formally launched Xpring as a platform to provide developers with the protocols, tools, and services to help them build the Internet of Value.

Today, we are excited to roll-out a new brand for Xpring, called RippleX.

Although the name is different, our mission remains the same.

RippleX makes it easier for developers and entrepreneurs to remove the pain and friction that comes with integrating open blockchain technologies, particularly the XRP Ledger, Interledger, and PayID, into their applications.

Under the new RippleX brand, we plan to expand our support and deepen our commitment to developers.

As such, we look forward to continuing to work with developers across the world to build trust, utility and liquidity in order to help realize the vision of an Internet of Value, where money moves like information does today.

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