Eric Pulier Changes How We Connect Online

Eric Pulier Changes How We Connect Online

Eric Pulier, entrepreneur and founder of Vatom, Inc., and his team recently launched the Vatom NFT Platform to obliterate the boundaries between the physical and digital worlds.

Vatom NFT Platform is a new medium for people across the globe to engage in, and industry leaders across the crypto and traditional business worlds have been embracing it.

Eric Pulier Vatom NFTs
What is a Vatom? Vatoms are a combination of the two words ‘virtual’ and ‘atom.’ And these are the world’s first and most widely-used Non-Fungible Tokens.

An estimated Thirty Million Vatoms have made their way into nearly two million wallets on Vatom’s open-source Networks since their inception. These AI-driven NFTs are powered by the token: VEE ERC20.

Journey of the Eric Pulier NFT Platform
The unveiling of the Vatom NFT Platform brings to completion the five-year journey of its founder and creator, Eric Pulier crypto adopter, to extend and evolve the World Wide Web with a set of innovative, dynamic NFTs. They came up with ‘Vatom,’ the catchy moniker these NFT’s are known by which are true Virtual Atoms.

In years to come, we will certainly all be calling dynamic NFT’s Vatoms as their success has solidified their position in the marketplace. Very much like the Eric Pulier Family of creativity,  NFT Vatoms are made to extend across both VR and AR and provide a 5-component integration which we will explore below.

But, first, let’s take a look at the product of the Eric Pulier “family” of creative accomplishments and see what unique features are contained within this innovative platform.

Eric Pulier Spatial Web
Eric Pulier and his team think the Spatial Web is the natural evolution of the internet.

The Eric Pulier Vatom Inc. team has created a place that turns the internet into a vast and scalable social space filled with NFTs that are both driven by AI and native to the Vatom platform. These NFTs are designed to move from AR to VR without a hitch.

Eric Pulier, blockchain early-adopter, leads the way to a might brighter future for online consumer experiences.

Spatial Web will be open to everyone from developers to creators. This is the crowning achievement of the Eric Pulier NFT platform. Not only will it offer unparalleled security by several orders of magnitude, but it will be renowned for its reliability, seamlessness, and ability to blend the world of the virtual perfectly with reality.

Additional Components of the Eric Pulier NFT Platform
There are three additional parts of the Eric Pulier Vatom platform. The Eric Pulier Vatom and the Spatial Web are the main ones.

Vatom Studio
Here, systems integrators, creatives, and agencies alike can use a set of custom-designed, self-service toolsets. With these powerful tools, you can make your own NFTs and manage both the Eric Pulier NFTs you make and the Spatial Websites all in one easy-to-use platform.

Vatom Marketplace
Here, you can buy and sell all the Vatom NFT’s you want. Find anything you are looking for. NFTs of all types and categories are sold here, along with templates of spatial environments that come ready-made for customers to add their own touches to. You can also find on the Vatom Virtua Marketplace plugins for brand new platform capabilities.

Vatom Community
Here you can find help from other Vatom makers, buyers, and users. You can share tips on discussion boards, troubleshoot, share code samples and documentation, APIs, and host developer conferences.

Always Several Steps Ahead
Dozens of new capabilities are always on the horizon as the next generation of human engagement is ushered in by this Eric Pulier NFT platform and its versatile components.

The most recent changes to the Eric Pulier NFT platform include the following. More updates are always sure to follow to ensure Vatom Inc.  stays on the cutting edge:

  • Eric Pulier Vatom, Inc. has made federations with games and marketplaces.
  • Robust analytic abilities for 1st party data and 1-to-1 consumer relationships.
  • Payments and native e-commerce store.
  • Eric Pulier NFT platform is fully integrated into Shopify.
  • Next-generation wallet functionality allows for multiple interactions between the blockchain and Spatial Web.
  • ‘Interscripted’ Eric Pulier’s robust coding framework.
  • Minted on a whole host of blockchains and side chains.

New Horizons in Commerce and Connection
The Eric Pulier Vatom Spatial Web gives customers an infinite social space that extends across the AR and VR worlds. This allows people to reach levels of personal agency, ownership, and interaction never before thought possible.

With a platform that has been tested in a variety of markets already, the Eric Pulier NFT team has been prominently included in the following industries:

  • Concerts
  • Games
  • Health care
  • Trade shows
  • Social commerce
  • Conferences
  • Education
  • Remote work
  • Brand marketing
  • Galleries

More and more people are creating various projects around the Vatom NFT Platform.  In the coming weeks and months, Eric Pulier ‘s Vatom Inc. will be announcing a series of partnerships with these enterprises and customers.

Released to coincide with the above announcement, Vatom shows off its unequaled joining of ‘metaverse’ and NFT technology, the likes of which the world has never seen before.

Eric Pulier ‘s Vatom Inc. Wants to Change the Way We Connect
At first, Vatoms were simply NFT objects, though Eric Pulier is changing that.

Sure they had been used by more Fortune 500 enterprises than any other NFT platform. Companies like Nestle, PepsiCo, Unilever, and Procter & Gamble.

Working for companies like this means the Eric Pulier Vatom has passed the test regarding reliability, security, and scalability. As a result, the most prominent brands in the world today have signed off on Eric Pulier, who has said it has been one of his greatest creations.

To learn more about him and stay in tune for future updates, check out Eric Pulier LinkedIn.


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