Empowering Team Members to Be Their Authentic Selves Through Pride at Ripple

Jim Chauncey-Kelly has long been a champion for marginalized and underrepresented employees at tech companies. As the Senior Director of Global Talent Acquisition for Ripple and a co-leader of the Pride at Ripple Employee Resource Group (ERG), he is helping to build a more inclusive and diverse workplace culture within the blockchain industry.

Being a trailblazer comes naturally to Jim. He was part of what he calls a “magical time” during the original dotcom boom, placing people in finance jobs in the Bay Area more than 20 years ago. He also helped form an early ERG at a large asset management company when such employee-led groups were still an emerging phenomenon. 

And Jim and his husband were one of the first same-sex couples to be legally married in San Francisco, an experience he said was beyond special because it made him feel like he was being treated equally, and no longer a second-class citizen. 

His personal journey for equal marriage rights and as a member of the LGBTQ+ community is what makes Jim appreciate an open and inclusive workplace like Ripple.

“Being supported and able to bring my whole self to work is incredibly important to being satisfied in my role and happy to go in [to the office] every day.”

As a visible leader at Ripple, he knows it’s also incumbent upon him to ensure others feel that same sense of support and belonging. Serving as the co-lead of the Pride at Ripple ERG is a meaningful and fulfilling experience that allows him to do just that.

The Pride at Ripple ERG aims to bring support, resources, collaboration, career growth and empower Ripple employees not only at work but also out in their global communities – all while being able to bring one’s entire self to work without editing. 

Jim says others seeing him in his role at a noteworthy technology company like Ripple is important because it sends a message to the broader tech community that diversity matters and is valued. He knows that while many companies prioritize diversity, it can still be elusive. 

He and other LGBTQ+ corporate leaders serve both as important role models for others trying to attain similar positions and to show companies that building diverse teams drives business success. 

Jim’s vision for an inclusive corporate culture is one where teams composed of “a complete rainbow of people” – by gender, race and sexual identity – are the norm rather than the exception. As a recruiter, he knows that reality helps a company thrive because it naturally attracts diverse, quality talent. 

His advice to job seekers is to be comfortable in their own skin: “Never filter yourself. Never try to be something that you’re not. Be exactly who you are because that is what makes a company stronger and makes you a stronger person.” 

In particular, he encourages people looking for their next role to consider Ripple because it’s more than a job. He says Ripple provides the chance for a rewarding career in an inclusive environment, which ultimately enables them to grow into their best self. 

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