DeHub is an entertainment platform with a focus on PPV, games, original productions. Team doxxed, private backers & partnerships in place. Launched ~week ago publicly. Read on! : altcoin

Why I like them!

  • Fully doxxed, experienced, communicative team – very transparent w regular VCs on Telegram.

  • Launched on the 30th August to the public after extensive fundraising.

  • Puso Group, DeHub’s ‘parent company’ is registered with the SEC in the Philipines!

  • In negotiations w 4 CEXs and 2 online Casinos to use Dehub as a currency + extensive roadmap.

  • Currently hiring creators and staff, future CEX applications in roadmap.

  • Plans to overhaul MMA judging & corruption w blockchain tech

  • Same day listing on CoinGecko and CoinmarketCap WITHOUT having paid for either

  • Strong focus on grassroots, organic growth in addition to marketing / promotion plan & funds: unused since public launch.

  • Holder reflections and weekly BNB rewards

On BSC means fast transactions, low gas fees = accessibility, with scalping and swing trading mitigated by 12% transaction tax. 24% total to get in and out!

Fair-trading measures: no private wallet can hold more than 1% of total supply. Sell / transfer limit of 0.1% to mitigate manipulation and dumping.

Initial mint of 8 billion. 50% burned, deflation until 1 billion $DeHub reached.

Currently at a ~$5.8m market cap and ~2’400 holders, $00.0014 current value. Launched on PanCakeSwap on August 30th and are already been listed on CMC and CG, on merit alone. Their tokenomics have a built in transaction tax that benefit holders and provide for future development and insurance against market volatility.

r/altcoin - DeHub is an entertainment platform with a focus on PPV, games, original productions. Team doxxed, private backers & partnerships in place. Launched ~week ago publicly. Read on!

I made the team this wee caricature to show my support!

TOKENOMICS 12% – how it’s distributed:

  • 2% Liquidity Pool

  • 1 $DeHub reflections to all holders (inc dead wallet)

  • 1% DeHub reflections to marketing and operations wallet

  • 4% buyback wallet (Robinhood System)

  • 2% BNB distributed to all holders

  • 2% collateral assets (for cross blockchain bridging, reserves, milestone rewards etc)

Team wallet can only trade reflections for the first 4 years and is subject to the same 0.1% threshold.

Techrate audit has been done and there is a CERTIK audit starting in September.


Yes, casinos on the blockchain have been done, as have lotteries and reflective tokenomics – but Dehub has those as part of a much larger package – and I haven’t seen another project like this yet.

If I had I’d be posting about them.

DeHub’s connections in sport and media (as well as their history of building and maintaining successful companies prior to this) make them uniquely placed to make this a success. I heard from a lil’ birdie that some of their promotions are being deployed with BBC iPlayer (BBC = UKs biggest gov funded broadcasting service).

I’m particularly excited that they’re offering a solution to the problem of judge corruptibility in MMA and the like. Not only is it a unique project, not only is there a space in the market for it, but they are providing a needed fix to a community that they are also offering a platform to. Everything is moving to blockchain tech for how secure, transparent and hard to manipulate it is.

My approach to supporting projects on the blockchain has changed a lot. My focus on fundamentals and team credibility has me completely relaxed over chart performance. In DeHub’s case, right now, it’s just a reflection of how few people are aware of their originality and potential. That’s going to change once they decide to unload the big guns off the back of everything members in the community (like me) are doing.

You can see from my Reddit history going back nearly 7 years that I’m just some nobody with a crush on a good thing! Dehub does well then I’m happy, but I’m not otherwise tied or connected to them.

Here are some links!

Official DeHub Website

White Paper



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