Crypto Security Leader (Large Margin to Profit?) : altcoin

Not sure where to invest? This is the decentralized crypto security leader… first crypto security provider that can prevent rug-pulls. A solution to security loopholes in the space.

HOW?… EverRise smart contract, along with +20 others, is locked in EverOwn. Their smart contracts can only be changed upon a successful community vote.

EverRise is a registered company. The team has been publicly doxxed, and its source code has been reviewed by multiple auditing companies.

The founder and CEO of EverRise, Suresh Maddineni AKA Titan, invented the buy-back for crypto. Hence the V1 smart contract has been copied tens of thousands of times. He is the first to invent a smart contract locker (EverOwn), the first token supply shared across 5-blockchains, the first block-speed DeFi multi-blockchain bridge (EverBridge), the first decentralized token market (EverSwap) that reduces sell-pressure within tokenomics, and the first NFTs tethered to yield-earning tokens (EverStake). And the first of more security to come: securing a crypto wallet directly on the blockchain, time-locked, and protected by 2FA (EverWallet).

The man is a genius, and I respect his humility. So I need to add these points. You should do some deeper research to see for yourself.

The community is hyper-active because this project makes revolutionary technology…hype without false promise.

CoinGecko: CoinMarketCap: EverChart:

CONS… It is nearly just a year old with 5 out of 9 dApps released of its roadmap. It is a low cap worth $70M, so it could still be out-sourced by larger competitors in time. Additionally, the bear market has stagnated price growth; although its price has remained relatively stable for 5 months.

Upon researching this crypto altcoin… I am confident it has the potential to reach Top 100 in a few years. Thoughts? Take care and stay safe.🥂

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