Creed DAO and Cult are fighting against centralization | Dapp developed and live audited by Solid Proof | Presale on 28th April

The Creed Dao motive is the uprising of decentralized finance governed by the holders through a DAO system that controls the Treasury Wallet.

The power of the masses against institutions that preach liberation but practice capitalist enslavement.

Empowering Defi projects through a proposal/vote mechanism.

The House of The Creed will unite forces with the many and the mighty threading on the path of empowering DeFi by partnering with projects that share the same vision as Creed.

The House of The Creed, governed by the Immortals, Kings and Seekers,through proposal and voting mechanism, will be at the forefront of this revolution.

Contract Audited By Solid Proof- Score-100 ☑️

House Of Creed Proposal and Voting (Dao Dapp Developed )☑️

Low Trading Fees (5% Buy/Sell) ☑️

Unicrypt Presale on 22nd April.

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