Biggest Crypto Presale of 2023 Still Open for Purchase – Final Week

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With over 3 months since its launch, the Wall Street Memes presale is now in its final week, giving potential investors a last chance to purchase tokens before an anticipated IEO.

Wall Street Memes (WSM) began in late May and has successfully garnered over $25 million in what has become as one of the top crypto presales of 2023. WSM tokens can be acquired at a consistent price of $0.0337.

The latest update indicates that the presale is expected to end by 6 pm UTC on September 25, 2023, followed by claims and listings commencing at 9 am UTC on September 27, 2023.

Final week for 2023’s biggest memecoin presale

Only six days left in the presale to purchase Wall Street Memes, the highly anticipated memecoin launch of 2023. As per the Wall Street Memes website, the first tier 1 centralized exchange (CEX) listings are expected in eight days, rumored to involve at least two top 10 exchanges.

With just one week remaining before the Wall Street Memes presale concludes, investors are rushing to acquire tokens, fueled by the growing hype surrounding its upcoming listing. The project’s immense success can be attributed to its strong fundamentals and memecoin potential.

What sets Wall Street Memes apart from many memecoin projects is its origin—it wasn’t initially conceived as a crypto project. Originally launched in 2019 as a spinoff of the immensely popular Wall Street Bets subreddit, it provided amusing memes and posts about the crypto and financial markets.

Since then, they’ve amassed a collective following of over a million across various social media platforms. The founders took their first step into Web3 in 2021, releasing the Wall Street Bulls NFT collection on Ethereum, which sold out its $3 million collection in just 30 minutes.

Following this success, they launched a Bitcoin Ordinals collection and, in May, made the decision to release the WSM token to overwhelming excitement from the community.

Elon Musk engages with Wall Street Memes’ one million strong community

Elon Musk is a known enthusiast, having interacted with their page several times as the billionaire CEO of Tesla and X (Twitter).

Rumors have circulated suggesting Musk’s involvement in a recent significant buying spree of Wall Street Memes (WSM) tokens, with a crypto whale purchasing 460 ETH worth of WSM tokens across five transactions in just six minutes in August.

The same account had previously spent an additional 93 ETH on Wall Street Memes tokens just two weeks prior, totaling a spend of over $1 million. The substantial social media following has propelled the project’s rapid spread throughout the crypto space, resulting in raising tens of millions of dollars as the project approaches its final phase.

In the past week alone, there have been numerous purchases exceeding 10 ETH (approximately $16k) as significant crypto investors aim to join the project before potential exchange-induced volatility.

Media hype amplifies FOMO for Wall Street Memes

Wall Street Memes is gaining momentum with positive feedback from various crypto influencers. Notable crypto experts are expressing optimistic predictions for Wall Street Memes. The YouTube channel “No Bs Crypto,” boasting 33k subscribers, hails $WSM as the most eagerly awaited memecoin launch of 2023.

YouTuber Joe Parys, followed by 382k subscribers, suggests that the Wall Street Memes coin could experience a 100x surge. Another analyst, Michael Wrubel, with 310k YouTube subscribers, urgently cautioned viewers not to miss the opportunity to invest in $WSM before the upcoming tier 1 listings.

In addition, crypto presale analyst Jacob Crypto Bury believes Wall Street Memes could be the top crypto investment today. Various crypto financial influencers speculate $WSM might become the next Pepe coin due to its potential in monetizing the meme stock movement.

Prominent crypto news outlets, such as Coingape, Cryptopotato, Cryptonews, Analytics Insight, U.Today, Outlook India, Finbold, and The Coin Republic, have also covered Wall Street Memes.

Considering the robust marketing efforts demonstrated by Wall Street Memes at this early stage of its roadmap and the initiation of product rollouts enhancing utility, it’s anticipated that the remaining tokens will quickly be acquired.

WSM staking incentivizes long-term holding, Plus strong tokenomics and airdrop rewards.

Notably, the developers of Wall Street Memes intend to distinguish WSM from the multitude of meme coins by introducing a high-yield staking protocol for token holders. Staking not only enables holders to earn rewards by locking their tokens into a pool but can also significantly impact the token’s price.

By promoting holding and alleviating selling pressure, the price of WSM may see a notable increase. The staking dashboard currently indicates approximately 345 million tokens have been included in the staking pool, offering stakers an estimated annualized percentage yield of 58%.

While this yield may decrease as more tokens enter the pool, it is anticipated to surpass the typical annual percentage yield (APY) of major staking coins like Ethereum, Cardano, and Solana, which usually range from 5-10%.

Additionally, the staking pool grants Wall Street Memes a longer life cycle compared to most memecoins that often experience rapid crashes within a week. Tokens will be gradually unlocked over a five-year period, ensuring a substantial longevity for the project.

Stakers should be aware of a minimum seven-day locking period.  Wall Street Memes boasts a relatively small supply for a memecoin, as these coins often reach tens of billions or even trillions in supply. In this case, there are only 2 billion WSM tokens, with 50% allocated to the presale.

Another 20% has been set aside for exchange liquidity, while the remaining 30% is designated for community rewards. This encompasses not only the staking pool but also various airdrops, including an ongoing $50,000 airdrop.

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