5 Best Crypto to Buy for Lower Risk Returns April 2022 Week 3

Crypto investments are a good way for investors to diversify their portfolios as they present investors with a great opportunity to earn profits. However, investors need to be aware of the best crypto to buy for lower risk returns.

This guide provides information on 5 of these coins and why they are the best crypto to invest in for lower risk returns.

Lucky Block (LBLOCK)

Lucky Block is a game-centric blockchain that was launched in January 2022. The blockchain is tailored toward creating transparency in the gaming industry and ensuring fair winnings. To achieve this, the blockchain employs a randomised system of selection to choose its winners. This way, the blockchain builds trust and improves transparency.

LBLOCK Price Chart

Lucky Block has surpassed investor expectations and currently ranks as the best crypto to buy for lower-risk returns.

The crypto asset launched on PancakeSwap on January 26, 2022 at $0.00021 and made an impressive surge in price. Through the first month of launch, LBLOCK provided investors with over 1000% return on investment.

By the second month, presale investors received up to 1500% return on their investments. This is a huge feat to attain in the crypto space. Following general market behaviour, the crypto asset currently trades at $0.0019, providing investors with a great opportunity to buy LBLOCK.

Since its launch, Lucky Block has made every effort to meet up with the roadmap provided in its whitepaper. The Lucky Block team has been focused on releasing the best version of the app to iOS and Android device users alike.

So far, Lucky Block’s Developers have been able to submit the code for the iOS app. They are currently implementing changes suggested by Apple. The team is integrating a vote and claim functionality on the web app. Also, they are integrating a fiat ramp to create a bridge to use fiat currencies. The 1.3v beta Android app is available on the Google Play Store.

Avalanche (AVAX)

Avalanche is a fast smart contract platform that provides its users with swift and secure transactions at low fees without compromising decentralisation. AVAX is considered one of the best crypto to buy for lower-risk returns due to its growth potential.

AVAX Price Chart

The growth potential of the Avalanche blockchain is due to its application and method of operation. Avalanche combines three subchains to focus on one important part of a perfect blockchain, thereby increasing its agility and demand.

AVAX trades at $79.49. This indicates that the crypto asset is making its way up after a minor retest, providing a prime opportunity to buy AVAX.

Avalanche is innovative and useful. The blockchain has proven this with its latest integration with SwissBorg. Avalanche has integrated with SwissBorg as the crypto blockchain adds AVAX to its automated smart yield wallet to enable users purchase and stake AVAX.

Investors who stake AVAX will earn 3.75% Annual Percentage Returns (APR). Their earnings will come with an option to boost the yields to as high as 7.5%. The integration is already live and SwissBorg users can now add AVAX to their portfolios.

Cosmos (ATOM)

Cosmos is one of the top performing crypto assets, as it presents opportunities for investors to stake and interact with other blockchains using an interoperable model.

ATOM Price Chart

ATOM ranks as one of the best crypto to buy for lower risk returns due to the application of the Cosmos Hub in several financial circumstances. ATOM trades at $24.77, which shows that the digital asset is undergoing a minor retest, providing a good opportunity to invest.

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The blockchain has championed the ideas of continuous innovation and has proven to be a forerunner in this regard as it launches the Theta Upgrade mainnet.

In the last few months, the blockchain has been running the upgrade on the testnet to make bug fixes and improvements on it. The upgrade has been launched and will enable Interchain accounts to execute two significant actions: create and control accounts on the Cosmos Hub and perform native Cosmos Hub native transactions.

The Theta upgrade is one of the first steps to a fully decentralised interoperable multi-chain ecosystem.

Fantom (FTM)

Fantom is a scalable blockchain that provides users and developers with fast transaction times at low fees. The crypto asset has over-performed in the last few months. This motivates investors to buy FTM as one of the best crypto to buy for lower risk returns.

FTM Price Chart

FTM trades at $1.19; this is an indication that it is on a straight bullish run. The crypto asset’s performance in the market signifies Fantom’s growing adoption.

The blockchain is delving into the metaverse as its infrastructure enables it to support the efficient and transparent management of user profiles and transactions.

Fantom’s one second to finality and low fees is an important feature for even the most demanding multi-user virtual world. Some of the metaverse projects developing in the Fantom ecosystem is the 8BIT metaverse, a large scale project building explorable, and interactive 3D spaces based on parcels of land and avatars sold as NFTs.

Other projects include Pod Town, which is set to integrate with decentralised finance projects and NFT platforms. The integration will occur in a digital space where users can socialise and trade their assets.

Algorand (ALGO)

Algorand is an innovative blockchain that is focused on providing scalable solutions to users and developers while maintaining an eco-friendly rating. The blockchain is particularly centered on improving its applications in various niches and building cross-chain interactions through various upgrades.

ATOM Price Chart

ALGO currently trades at $0.75. The asset’s chart pattern indicates that it’s on a bullish trend.

Algorand’s performance in the crypto market is due to its applications in finance and other growing industries. The digital asset has partnered with Bleumi and Wyre to provide efficient payments in cryptocurrencies.

Bleumi is a blockchain technology company that empowers businesses to receive crypto payments and finish payments in bank accounts. The platform chose Algorand due to its speed with finality of transactions under five seconds. Other reasons for the choice include its transaction fees compared to legacy blockchains and its innovative growth.

Algorand is a rapidly evolving blockchain as network effects are important to web3 ecosystems and a growing community is essential to its relevance.

Algorand’s Pure Proof of Stake (PPoS) also ensures a more decentralised validation process compared to other proof of stake or work protocols. The highly customisable smart contract allows for new smart contracts to be built with widely-used programming languages such as Python and Reach.

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