12-Year-Old ‘Weird Whales’ NFT Creator Set to take in $400K value of Ether


The non-fungible token (NFT) industry has taken the planet by storm and a variety of artists are creating six to seven figures from NFT collections. One specific NFT creator is 12-year-old Benyamin Ahmed from London who  curated a project known as “Weird Whales,” an NFT assortment that offers 3,350 pixelated whales. Once the project launched, the young software developer asked for $350K value of ether.

Benyamin Ahmed comes He can create $400K together with his ‘Weird Whales’ NFT assortment

This week, the news outlet CNBC interviewed a 12-year-old boy who  has attained $250K once launching a project known as “Weird Whales.” Benyamin Ahmed, who started writing at age 5, jointly collected 30 ether worth over $95K from the Weird Whales’ royalties. Whenever a whale is sold , Ahmed gets 2.5% on each secondary sale.

Weird Whales is comparable to NFT comes like Cryptopunks and Bored Ape Yacht Club(BAYC) as there are only 3,350 pixelated whales within the assortment. The whale-inspired NFT assortment is Ahmed’s second NFT venture as he launched another project known as Minecraft Yee Haa. Ahmed watched his father work as an online developer and therefore the 12-year-old has learned hypertext markup language and CSS, alongside Javascript further.

“I first learned about NFTs earlier this year,” Ahmed affirmed throughout his interview. “I got fascinated with NFTs as a result of you’ll simply transfer the possession of an  NFT by the blockchain.”

Weird Whales Project solely value $300 in Ether Transaction Fees

Ahmed explains that he doesn’t use a checking account to store his wealth and told SNBC that he leverages a cryptocurrency notecase. “I attempt to keep all my ether and not convert it to paper money,” Ahmed emphasised. “It may well be early proof that, within the future, perhaps everybody doesn’t [need] a checking account associated with simply having an ether address and a wallet.” He additionally explained that at some purpose he might open a checking account to report taxes.

The boy conjointly spent heaps of your time taking part in Minecraft and he’s crafted heaps of original material. The NFT projects from this trend “after defrayment too several hours taking part in Minecraft.” Ahmed aforesaid that he plans to craft a lot of NFT collections and he believes memes are terribly powerful. “I assume memes have vital worth during this area, as heaps of comes have some quite meme-link to that,” Ahmed concluded. “I assume memes play a big part in  this space.”

To-date, Ahmed has raked in roughly $350K value of ether and he expects the projected total are around $400K. Ahmed aforesaid the initial capital to urge the project going was around $300 in ETH fees.


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