“Wallets Compatible With Avalanche” – a Helpdesk Article by Meqa Network : altcoin

Now that we’ve learned all about the basics of Avalanche, how can you utilize and store their native token, $AVAX? Since AVAX is used in the Avalanche Network to pay for all transaction fees, it is important to hold AVAX for any future transactions you’d like to make in their network.

We have compiled a list of a few recommended wallets you can use to store your AVAX tokens:

Avalanche Wallet

Avalanche has created a wallet specifically for their own blockchain, and since we’re covering AVAX we feel this is a fitting wallet to start with! The Avalanche wallet is a web wallet, meaning it does not need to be installed. It is simple, secure, and non-custodial (A non-custodial wallet means that only you are responsible for the storing of your private keys)… read more


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