Wall Street Memes Price Prediction – Crypto ZEUS Analyzes Its Potential to Be the Next Pepe

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Wall Street Memes’ recent listings on prominent crypto exchanges have contributed to the growth of $WSM. Is a Binance listing possible?

If so, getting listed on major platforms such as Binance and Coinbase could greatly boost $WSM’s visibility, legitimacy, and price.

In addition to announcing token buybacks, Wall Street Memes (WSM) is presently conducting a Twitter poll, seeking input from followers on the preferred top exchange for the token’s listing.

Crypto ZEUS’ price prediction for Wall Street Memes

Wall Street Memes, a cryptocurrency that gained a lot of attention during its successful presale phase, has seen significant growth since it was first introduced. Initially offered at an attractive price during its presale, the cryptocurrency has surged by about 281% from its initial price to its recent peak of nearly $0.08.

At present, Wall Street Memes is being traded at approximately $0.043, showing a decrease from its peak. The community is excited about the possibility of the price reaching the important 0.1 mark, which would be a big achievement.

Wall Street Memes Price Graph

Additionally, there is speculation in the community about the price hitting the much-desired $1 mark in the future. With a current market capitalization of about $69 million, Wall Street Memes shows promise compared to Pepe, which has a market cap of approximately $250 million.

Analyzing Wall Street Memes’ historical price movements, the projected lowest price for Wall Street Memes in 2024 is estimated to be $0.035791. Conversely, the crypto is anticipated to reach a peak of $0.060630 next year.

Although Wall Street Memes currently holds the #298 spot on CoinGecko, actively working to improve this ranking could significantly enhance its visibility and potential for market growth.

$WSM has been added to top exchanges. What exchanges are next?

Other major exchanges, including HTX, OKX, and more, have added $WSM to their listings, and Toobit recently joined them in this regard. These additions to well-established cryptocurrency trading platforms have coincided with impressive growth for $WSM.

After starting at an initial price of about $0.033, $WSM quickly surged to $0.075 within days of its launch. Recently, $WSM has entered a phase of consolidation following its rapid rise. The coin appears to have established a new trading range, fluctuating between $0.053 and $0.06 at present.

Nevertheless, this represents an almost 100% increase from $WSM’s initial presale price. Despite this period of stability, $WSM is rapidly gaining traction as a relatively new asset. Its consistent climb in the crypto rankings suggests that significant upward trends are likely in the future.

DEXTools consistently ranks it as one of the top five most viewed trading pairs, often referred to as ‘hot pairs.’ There is growing speculation about the possibility of $WSM being listed on Binance next, followed by other major platforms like Kucoin, Coinbase, and ByBit.

Currently, $WSM is available for purchase on Gate.io, CoinW, OKX, HTX, MEXC, LBank, CoinEx, BitMart, BingX, and numerous other exchanges. For valuable insights into the top memecoins to consider for purchase, refer to our available guide here.

$WSM poised for a big price jump with more listings ahead just like Pepe

Pepe, experiencing a 3% dip in the markets today, got listed on Binance just 17 days after its decentralized exchange listings. $WSM seems to be following a similar path.

Despite regulatory challenges, Binance remains the largest exchange, making a listing on its platform highly sought after by crypto projects. The most certain method to secure a Binance listing is by boosting trading volumes, and $WSM is accomplishing just that.

As Kucoin, ByBit, Coinbase, and Binance loom on the horizon, excitement around the project continues to rise. Traders are well aware that a listing on top 10 exchanges often triggers a price surge. For instance, Pepe skyrocketed by 2,000% post its Binance listing.

There’s no reason why $WSM can’t achieve the same. In fact, it has many compelling factors that could potentially outshine Pepe, Shiba Inu, and the popular Dogecoin.

$WSM holders flock to staking and promotions

The platform has actively taken strategic measures to enhance its functionality. A significant move was initiating its staking feature, enabling holders to earn attractive 42% APY yields. This initiative motivates investors to retain WSM coins, simultaneously contributing to network security through staking.

In a noteworthy development for meme coins, MEXC exchange introduced WSM/USDT futures trading, marking a substantial milestone. This is significant as crypto futures markets typically witness higher trading volumes than spot markets.

MEXC’s decision might encourage other trading platforms to initiate $WSM futures trading. Such a move would attract more investor attention towards modern tokens like $WSM. The first unlocking of $WSM tokens staked at launch took place yesterday, with 496 million tokens staked on Tuesday.

The number slightly decreased to 473 million today. The marginal reduction indicates that most early staking participants remain fully devoted to $WSM. The appealing 42% APY offered serves as a primary motivator to maintain their locked holdings. $WSM also thrives due to its lively community.

Its Twitter account has an impressive following of nearly 300,000, and the Telegram channel boasts over 35,000 members. The project is currently running a $50,000 airdrop promotion, with rewards distributed among five randomly selected $WSM holders, which can be entered on Gleam.

Wall Street Memes reveals a $1 million token buybacks

Wall Street Memes, a popular memecoin cryptocurrency community, made an announcement regarding an exciting $1 million token buyback starting on October 11 at 18:00 UTC. According to $WSM’s tweet, there’s less than 1 day or 9 hours remaining until this substantial $1 million buyback is completed.

A total of $1 million worth of tokens will be transferred to the rewards wallet to finance community rewards. This buyback is expected to generate increased short-term buying pressure in the market, potentially benefiting the short-term price outlook for $WSM.

These buybacks won’t result in burning tokens, so the $WSM supply will remain unaffected. However, the increased funding for community rewards will be advantageous for Wall Street Memes community’s long-term advancement, ultimately positively impacting the $WSM price.


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