Top 3 Crypto Presales – Next 10x Cryptocurrency to Launch Soon

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New crypto presales have a higher risk than investing in well-established cryptos, but they also have the potential to yield higher rewards. Presales are an attractive option for high-risk investors seeking cryptocurrencies since successful projects often offer returns in the three-digit range.

Love Hate Inu

We recommend investing in Love Hate Inu because it offers an innovative approach to a real-world problem with the possibility for meme currency returns. By providing outcomes that are transparent and permanent, Love Hate Inu will revolutionize the $3.2 billion online polling and survey sector.

Users will receive rewards by staking tokens to vote in polls that are both important and entertaining. The platform offers its users an exclusive opportunity to participate in and construct voting polls on a variety of subjects, including politics, entertainment, and social issues.

Users will also receive free cryptocurrency tokens for taking part in constructive debates. Additionally, the voting process is legitimate, open, and safe because it is founded on blockchain technology. Before a user can vote on a specific project, tokens must be staked for at least 30 days, preventing the use of spammers to manipulate the results.

With LHINU, a user’s voting power increases with the amount staked and the length of the staking period. In just seven weeks since the presale began, the LHINU token has raised over $6.8 million, indicating the enormous interest in the token’s and platform’s potential.

Love Hate Inu might end up being the next cryptocurrency to take off, the presale has reached stage seven at the time of writing. The cost of LHINU tokens during this phase is $0.000135, with the eighth and final stage offering tokens for $0.000145. Guide on how to purchase LHINU token here.


One of the top green cryptocurrency presales, Ecoterra, has developed a cutting-edge tactic to motivate people to fight climate change. The initiative takes advantage of the popularity of play-to-earn (P2E) cryptocurrency games and the blockchain technology.

Ecoterra has created the Recycle2Earn (R2E) reward system, which is modeled after P2E games and allows users to receive tokens in exchange for recycling. Exchanges between participants in the ecosystem are possible with these tokens.

ECOTERRA, the platform’s native cryptocurrency, has raised more over $2.3 million in just three weeks since it was launched, effectively using up its presale allocation. In stage six, tokens can be purchased for $0.007, but by stage seven, it will cost $0.01, a 43% increase.

An affiliate program is also available to presale investors. Token values will rise when the presale reaches different milestones, making early involvement beneficial for investors. Users of the Ecoterra app receive prizes for recycling in accordance with the program’s rules. Guide on how to purchase ECOTERRA token here.

The application calculates potential revenues if it finds a matching item in its database. After that, consumers are directed to a recycling vending machine (RVM) where they can dispose of their waste. Users are rewarded with ECOTERRA tokens after finishing the recycling process and uploading a photo of their receipt.

These tokens can be used to buy recycled plastics, glass, and aluminum on the Recycled Materials Marketplace, a part of the larger Ecoterra ecosystem. Additionally, people can purchase carbon credits on the Carbon Offset Marketplace to reduce their carbon footprints.

Through an Impact Trackable Social Profile within the Ecoterra ecosystem, users may also keep track of the immediate effects of their actions.

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DeeLance recently launched its DLANCE token presale. At the time writing, investors may purchase tokens for just $0.029, and a massive $460,000 has been raised. The platform’s main goal is to revolutionize how employers and freelancers interact in a decentralized environment by giving users full control over their work and the ease of paying using crypto.

An NFT marketplace, a metaverse, and a recruitment platform—all intended to enhance the freelancing experience—form the basis of DeeLance’s entire package of products and services. The site charges a nominal 2% fee on clients and a 10% cost for freelancers, which is much less than the industry standard.

In addition, there are no withdrawal fees, exchange rate waiting periods, or work scope constraints, according to the DeeLance whitepaper. The platform offers a rapid, effective, and simple to operate job posting and application procedure, which results in a streamlined experience.

An automated dispute system that logs buyer and seller reputations on the open blockchain promotes transparency. Through safe escrow accounts, which retain money in a protected account until the work is finished as promised, freelancers are guaranteed payment for their services.

Additionally, by accepting cryptocurrency payments, the platform enables quick transactions at low costs. By converting freelancing work into NFTs with DeeLance, recruiters are assured ownership of the content while being protected from payment fraud and copyright infringement. Guide on how to purchase DLANCE token here.

Due to the platform’s decentralized structure and global accessibility, top talent and outstanding job opportunities are made available. The platform’s native currency, DLANCE, runs on the Ethereum blockchain and has a number of uses inside its ecosystem, including buying NFTs and acquiring properties and offices in the Metaverse.

DeeLance is also creating an immersive Metaverse idea with offices, meeting spaces, and a lobby area for virtual interactions. DeeLance offers a potentially profitable investment opportunity by eliminating long-standing problems in the freelancing sector.


Love Hate Inu – Newest Meme Coin

Love Hate Inu
  • Decentralized Polling – Vote to Earn
  • Early Access Presale Live Now – Ends Soon
  • $5 Million Raised
  • Featured in Yahoo Finance, Bitcoinist
  • Mint Memes of Survey Results as NFTs
  • Staking Rewards
  • Viral Potential, Growing Community

Love Hate Inu

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