Thoughts on Utopia P2P? They Have 2 Coins, Crypton (CRP) and UUSD : altcoin

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Utopia P2P is a unique decentralized ecosystem that solves Internet security problems. It ensures the anonymity and privacy of each user.

  • They have some finished products unlike many others.

  • There is a strong community in the ecosystem.

  • 2 native coins, CRP and UUSD.

  • About 1,800++ websites and services already accept CRP and UUSD as payment options.

Utopia P2P has a mobile app and a desktop app. You can use it for anonymous communication, anonymous payment, anonymous network, and many things. the Utopia P2P team also develops its own Utopia Launchpad. It will be launched soon. Launchpad will attract many coins creators to join the ecosystem.

CRP is the main coin, the utility coin, a mineable privacy coin. There are currently more than 32k nodes in the ecosystem, which is more than many top coins have.


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