Tamadoge Successfully Launched On Bybit

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TAMA, the native token behind the memecoin sensation Tamadoge, has launched on Bybit and has been received with enthusiastic support from traders.

The token has now increased by 160% in the last 30 days as traders hurried to purchase the TAMA token before its launch on the tier-1 exchange, pushing it to reach as high as $0.032 in the process.

After being listed on several tier-1 exchanges and introducing its addictive play-to-earn arcade, Tamadoge is expanding its ecosystem with Bybit’s next addition. Following its impressive 30-day performance, many analysts expect TAMA to continue rising in the coming months as the ecosystem grows.

TAMA listed on Bybit: Continues exchange listing rampage

After being added to Bybit this week, Tamadoge keeps adding more and more exchanges. The token went live on the exchange on April 27. Traders on the site were very happy to see it, and the trading volume was very high. As of this writing, the token’s listing started to rise quickly, and in the first hour of trading, more than $1 million was traded.

The memecoin sensation is now officially listed on five top-tier exchanges, including OKX, BitMart, Gate.io, MEXC Global, and, of course, Bybit.

TAMA was listed on Bybit spot markets in the Innovation Zone because it is a new currency that only debuted in 2022. Tamadoge’s presale was absolutely amazing, as it managed to raise more than $15 million.

Following its presale, the token went on to launch on OKX on its first day, providing early-stage presale investors with a significant 18x return—that’s 1800% returns. Unfortunately, TAMA became vulnerable to the overall 2022 crypto bear market and began to fall in the final months of the year. Buy TAMA on OKX here.

Nonetheless, the token’s recent addition to Bybit, a tier-1 exchange, has revived its price. Furthermore, the recent release of the Tamadoge Arcade, the project’s play-to-earn platform, has resulted in exceptional ecosystem growth.

As a result, experts predict TAMA will remain optimistic in the coming months. See our guide to the best meme coins to buy here.

Tamadoge (TAMA): Exciting arcade gaming with your NFT pet

Tamadoge just opened its Tamadoge Arcade, which offers a variety of engaging play-to-earn arcade games to its user base in addition to the recent exchange listing. The Tamadoge Arcade is where the team will constantly launch new arcade games in order to provide something for everyone.

They have so far released the five games listed below:

  • Tamadoge Run: Run through a spooky map and avoid traps while collecting coins.
  • Rocket Doge: Navigate your dog through a course on his jetpack and collect coins.
  • To the Moon: Help your doggo reach the moon on his pogo stick.
  • Super Doge: Defeat the evil SECKnights and bring peace to Tama Isle.
  • Tama Blast: An ice-hokey arcade game to score points and win coins

The games are comparable to old-school arcade games you might have played as a kid, but with a novel twist that incorporates NFT pets, making them extremely addicting.

Furthermore, those who use their NFT pets in the arcade games have a better chance of increasing their scores, allowing them to move up the leaderboard and earn more rewards. See our guide to the best NFT games to play here.

The TAMA deflationary coin not only burns 5% of transactions made at participating pet stores, but it also gives users prizes every month. The NFT pets in the game have become popular items to collect on OpenSea, which has helped raise the game’s image.

In the future, the pets will be part of an augmented reality app that will let users go on real-world treasure hunts for TAMA tokens and other benefits.

TAMA is now available for purchase on Bybit

With the ecosystem rapidly developing and the token price being relatively cheap, now is the time to invest in this memecoin sensation and ride the wave higher as it continues to attract more people to its arcade. Although it has already increased by more than 150%, analysts predict that future returns will be much higher than current prices.


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