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We all already have plans for what we want to have in our bags for the next bull. Some tokens have already been accumulated… others will be purchased after a market correction. However, we always leave room for a few gems in our bags (at least I do).

I want to share some projects that I’m keeping on my watchlist for this case.


This could be the leader in the next bull market and I think projects centered around AI could be a good investment. I already made some decent profits on some of them – OCEAN and GRT are my picks from this area.


In this sector, I’m really bullish on AAVE. I think it will reach a new ATH, and perhaps hit the $1K mark.

Layer 0:

ATOM and DOT aren’t moonshots or anything, but I see them as strong projects that give provide high APYs for staking. It makes it much easier to hold during the whole bear market, so I’m filling a portion of my bags with these gems.

Layer 1:

EGLD. Its ATH is 10x from here – in the previous bull run, this project nearly had nothing developed in its chain. Now it looks more robust, with a lot of development in progress. They built a lot during the bear market and, if they hit again at ATH, I will be more than happy.

I have a bag of QANX too, which is another Layer 1 but in the testnet phase. However, they already have partners that will use their private blockchain. Also, it’s followed by some unique features such as coding in any programming language and mining and validation with a phone. Even though it’s 15x from its ATH, it’s a low cap and could get much higher.

Last but not least, an NFT marketplace:

POOP – it’s nothing as you would assume from the name. This will be something like an OpeanSea for the Polkadot ecosystem. Although it’s not that far from the ATH, however, it’s a low cap, so it can go much higher.

Are you bullish on one specific crypto area, or do you prefer diversification? Which alts are you keeping an eye on?

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