No, we’re serious: will build the world’s largest Satoshi Bitcoin whitepaper installation | by | @blockchain | Apr, 2022 is building its new headquarters in the heart of Miami, a city that has quickly established itself as the new home for innovation in America.

So last week when we announced an exciting art installation that will be part of our new building, people thought we were joking because we announced it on… April Fools. But I’m here to put an end to the speculation: We are really doing it.

The atrium lobby in our Building in Miami’s Wynwood neighborhood will be designed around a 100-foot tall sculptural art installation that pays homage to pseudonymous Bitcoin creator, Satoshi Nakamoto, the whitepaper that started a movement, and the code that brought his vision to life.

The piece will feature quotes from Satoshi Nakamoto and snippets of Bitcoin’s code. The code, of course, is the foundation of the crypto community and will one day be regarded as among the most important pieces of computer science in history. Enshrining it in our lobby will serve as a daily reminder of its importance, and that crypto is fully transparent, readable, and auditable by all.

While we don’t anticipate hundreds of thousands of visitors (that part was a joke), we do hope you will come by and see it some time.

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