NEW: App, The Only Crypto App You’ll Ever Need | by | @blockchain | Mar, 2023

The Wallet has evolved to become the App.

Explore a brand new user experience that delivers on all your crypto needs in one place.

Users often have to make the decision to either trust a third party with theirs private keys or go through the complex process of self-custody. In addition to this, to experience the full value of crypto, users need multiple apps — to buy, sell, access dapps, all across multiple blockchains.

The new App solves this issue by giving you the best of custody and self-custody all in one place.

The new app consists of two main features:

  1. Account (Custodial)
    Buy over 30 of the most popular cryptocurrencies with a card or bank account, swap crypto-to-crypto, and earn rewards by staking your crypto and more. Assets in your Account are held in a custodial account with your keys in custodial of
  2. DeFi Wallet (Self-custodial)
    Your “gateway” into the world of decentralized finance. Here you can self-custody your crypto on multiple blockchains, use dapps, and manage your NFT collections. You custody your own private keys to your DeFi Wallet. Assets are held on Bitcoin, Ethereum, Polygon, Solana, and other supported blockchains.

We’re on a mission to make it easy for anyone, anywhere to access the world of crypto and beyond.

Update your iOS or Android app today to experience the new App.

If you’re new to, download the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store today.

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