New Altcoin Gem With Recycle2Earn Platform

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Conor Kenny explains the use and benefits of the Ecoterra project’s recycle-to-earn system and its current state in the CertiK Audit. With its new app, individuals are inspired to become eco-friendly, minimize their carbon footprints, and engage in efficient waste management.

At the time of writing, the USDT raised had already reached more than $2.7 million out of the target of $3.1 million.

Ecoterra Recycle2Earn platform analysis

The project has a goal that is focused on sustainability and an incentive system that is appealing to both people and businesses. Ecoterra has a number of possible use cases for recycling and reducing the environmental effect of products and materials.

These use cases are long-term, verifiable, and transparent thanks to the Ethereum blockchain.
The main thing that makes the Ecoterra project stand out is its Recycle2Earn system, which gives people money for recycling things like glass, plastic, and cardboard.

This feature works ideally with Ecoterra’s marketplace for carbon offsets, recycled materials, and “Impact Profiles.” Together, the way to make money and the community make Ecoterra one of the most environmentally friendly ways to use cryptocurrency right now.

The Ecoterra whitepaper says that the Ecoterra ERC-20 tokens will be the most important part of the Ecoterra community. The Ecoterra token will be important for a number of jobs related to the ecosystem, especially for giving out rewards. As a reward, Ecoterra will be given to anyone or any group that recycles used materials.

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Carbon offset marketplace

The Ecoterra app also allows individuals and organizations to purchase carbon offsets on its dedicated marketplace using Ecoterra tokens or other cryptocurrencies. In combination with other authorized standards including VERA, the carbon offsets are properly validated.

The blockchain facilitates all transactions, ensuring perfect transparency and prohibiting any double-selling or unscrupulous behavior. Ecoterra’s Carbon Offsets Marketplace function will assist businesses in reducing their carbon footprint and meeting sustainability goals.

Recycled materials marketplace

Ecoterra has built a blockchain-based marketplace for recycled materials where buyers may buy recycled products directly from suppliers across the world. The Ecoterra app allows users to browse, filter, and pick the material types of their choice, post custom requests to achieve specific material requirements, and make payments.

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Transactions can be completed using fiat currency, other cryptocurrencies, or Ecoterra. Users who actively support environmental activities that will facilitate access to Ecoterra’s marketplace will also be awarded NFTs based on their overall impact score. They may later decide to hold, trade, or sell these NFTs.

Impact trackable profile

This feature lets businesses keep track of what they are doing to help the environment, which improves their brand image and keeps customers coming back. By using this feature, businesses can stand out in the market and build a strong image for being environmentally friendly.

Ecoterra: certik audit

CertiK is a pioneering crypto audit company that audits blockchains and smart contracts using cutting-edge formal verification technologies. It was formed in 2018 by professors from Columbia and Yale Universities. CertiK crypto leverages cutting-edge technology such as artificial intelligence to monitor and defend blockchains and the decentralized apps built on them.

Conor Kenny says that CertiK is one of the most reliable and trusted auditing companies in the bitcoin space. At the time this was written, Ecoterra had a score of 53.73, which is a B-class rating. It also doesn’t have any critical findings, but we should keep an eye on its major findings, which are about the possible risk of centralization.

Motivating individuals to recycle

Introducing the Recycle2Earn mechanism is probably one of Ecoterra’s most impactful USPs. Ecoterra app users can receive rewards for recycling waste each time, thanks to the R2E mechanism embedded into the app, through a simple process:

1. Create a profile.
2. Scan the recyclable object’s barcode.
3. Launch the Ecoterra app.
4. Locate the closest recycling vending machine (RVM).
5. Place the recyclable object on the RVM.
6. Get a receipt detailing the materials and quantity recycled.
7. Photograph the receipt and upload it to the app.
8. Get Ecoterra tokens in return.

CEO analysis: Ecoterra

The CEO of Ecoterra talks about the market for recycled goods. In a recent AMA on Coinsniper, the CEO of the site, Mihai Ciutureanu, shared his thoughts with his audience. He explained what the investors’ money would be used for, how it would work, and how Ecoterra was made.

In particular, he talked about the market for recycled products. He said that it joins businesses that need recycled materials with recycling businesses that have those materials for sale.
The CEO specifically stated why the Ecoterra team is utilizing the Ethereum blockchain.

He claimed that Ethereum is the best blockchain for Ecoterra’s needs. “It’s dependable, secure, and allows for the development of smart contracts tailored to specific needs,” he continued. He also stated that the initial set of companies would be targeted for corporate adoption by offering free trial packages to entice them to join the ecosystem.

This will help the companies understand how the ecoterra ecosystem works. Furthermore, the platform intends to release a beta version of the R2E app by the end of the year while continuing to develop other Ecoterra pillars. To take part in the presale visit


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