KAS its breaking records for weeks on MEXC. Kaspa has reached 100M marketcap in a bearmarket . : altcoin

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KAS has been generating lots of buzz recently. It solved the Blockchain trilemma. And it did not only solve it, but it solved it in such way that it reaches a full 100% score in each of the 3 pillars: Security, Decentralization and Speed. In addition also the distribution of coins is very decentralized. To me $KAS is the next technological marvel in crypto currency, the third one after $BTC and $ETH. Once finished it will combine everything that $BTC and $ETH ever wanted to be. Price behaviour in darkest crypto times reflects this. KAS price trend since listing on r/mexc_official is looking very good MEXC Global has the best liquidity for KAS at the moment: coinmarketcap

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