IDENA Mainnet launch v.1.0.0

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Idena has announced the COREA hard fork with smart contracts and its mainnet launch on February 17th.

What you can do with Idena smart contracts:

  • Develop Turing complete DApps natively integrated with Idena identities
  • Build human-centric Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs)
  • Issue your own token and allow users staking it in a DAO linked with their unique identities
  • Coordinate token-holders using quadratic tokenomics and one-person-one-vote governance
  • Use Idena Oracles as a decentralized gateway to real world data
  • Build scalable and accessible DApps thanks to the asynchronous architecture of smart contracts, instant finality of transactions, low fees and accessible mining of Idena coins.




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