I wrote this article on medium about Plutus and how anyone can make from 17.50€ a month up to a couple of hundread. I currently earn 50€ a month in cashback on my regular spendings : altcoin

PLUTUS is a non custodial credit card on which you get to keep your own keys thus not running the risk of losing funds due to the centralised nature of all other credit card options out there. The cashback rewards are exponentially better and even compared to the biggest crypto credit cards such as Coinbase and Crypto.com.

i highly recommend you take a look at this article to find out about the potential of this card and how you could utilize it yourself for that juicy monthly crypto DCA which literally costs you nothing more than you would spend monthly on regular shopping and subscriptions. Article link

Here are the current links to start you of on DYOR without reading the article:

Platform: https://dex.plutus.it/

Rewards 2.0 in detail: https://medium.com/plutus/announcement-rewards-accounts-2-0-model-details-e3738f9f6d3c

Card use fees (visa) and Dex fees: https://plutus.it/fees, the card fee has been removed and as for PLU withdrawal fees it will be reduced but was raised due to ETH gas prices.



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