How do I get my potential Altcoins?

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I’ve always been curious how people find potential altcoins! Is there any other means besides due diligence after spotting them on good ranking on CMC , CG and CoinNation? Does token ranking on these platforms suggest huge potential or future ROI? Or do we need to look them up on other exchanges that have got a good reputation of listing moonshot tokens early?

Over the last few months, altcoins such as SYN(+419%), AMB(+660%), MAGIC(+500%) have been trending cos of their price action over this period of time. A little research showed that these tokens were listed a little earlier on MEXC before they got listed on Binance meaning that users on the former exchange must have gotten more ROI than Binance users.

This has awoken my consciousness and I think having trading accounts on some of these underrated CEXs is very important if you must get huge ROI from undervalued altcoins.

Beside these strats, is there any way one can get potential altcoins? Especially when all indications points towards altcoins season atm

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